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    Samos & the Greek Islands off the beaten path

    Samos is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and
    enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.
    If you like adventure, Samos is the next vacation destination for you!
    You will enjoy ...

    Day Trips in the Greek Island of Samos
    Ephesus & Kusadasi Turkey
    From the Port of Samos Town, you could take a ferry boat to Kusadasi, Turkey to visit the bazaars
    and see the Ancient city of Ephesus. During the summer, a ferry boat departs Samos Town port every
    morning (around 8:00AM) and returns in the afternoon. Kusadasi, Turkey, is a shopper’s paradise and
    a top tourist attraction. It’s a unique place to shop for handmade Turkish rugs and leather products.
    Kusadasi is a mix of Eastern mysticism and modern Western technology. You will enjoy the fun of
    bargaining, as most salesmen speak English as well as many other languages. Shish kebob (skewer-
    grilled lamb) is a Turkish invention, and you will find kebobs everywhere. Also, lamb and fish dishes
    are the restaurant specialties.

    The ancient city of Ephesus is located 19km from the Port of Kusadasi. Ephesus is a city created by
    the Ionians in the 11th century B.C. and later expanded by the Romans. You can explore the beautiful
    temples, porticoes, fountains and frescoes and discover the Temple of Hadrian, the Odeum, the
    Fountain of Trajan, the Great Theater, and the Temple of Artemis, considered one of the seven
    wonders of the world. Discover more of Ephesus-Kusadasi.

    Patmos Island
    From the Harbour of Pythagorio Samos, there are daily trips on the Hydrofoil to the Island of Patmos.
    Patmos is located just South of Samos, between Leros and Ikaria, and is a mountainous island with
    beautiful landscapes and beaches. In Patmos you can visit the Monastery of St. John the Theologian
    and the Cave of the Apocalypse.
    Monastery of St. John
    A majestic medieval monastery made entirely of stone towers, the Monastery of St. John the
    Theologian is set like a crown above the Village of Chora, that is visible from every part of the Island
    of Patmos.
    Cave of the Apocalypse
    Saint John the Theologian was exiled to a cave on the Island of Patmos around 95-100 AD. During this
    time, he received a Revelation and wrote the Book of Revelations or Apocalypse.
    Patmos is also a very popular destination for cruise ships. See more info on Patmos.

    From the Harbor of Pythagorio, Samos, you can take a day trip to Samiopoula, a tiny island near
    Samos, traveling on the boat, Giorgos. It's an organized day trip to Samiopoula with a beautiful
    secluded beach and Captain Andreas will prepare you a delicious traditional Greek lunch while you
    enjoy swimming at the pristine beach. You should return to the Harbor of Pythagorio in the afternoon
    after a relaxing and enjoyable day.

    Megalo Seitani Beach
    From the Port of Karlovassi (Limani), you can take a boat for a day trip to Megalo Seitani Beach. The
    boat will pick you up in the morning and return you in the afternoon, but you have to pack your lunch
    for the excursion to this secluded sandy beach. Seitani beach is located 5km West of Karlovassi and is
    a protected area of the Monachus-Monachus Seal. This beautiful exclusive sandy beach can be reached
    only by foot or boat.

    Fourni Island is located between Ikaria, Samos and Patmos. Fourni port is a small fishing village with
    excellent tavernas and fresh fish, lobster and traditional Greek dishes. There are some unspoiled sandy
    beaches, secluded coves and bays within walking distance of the port. Samos is connected to Fourni
    by  ferry-boat that goes from Samos, Fourni, Ikaria, and Piraeus. There is also a small boat that travels
    from Pythagorio Harbor to Fourni on weekends. Locals from Samos and Ikaria go there for a day trip,
    just to taste the wonderful seafood.

    Agathonisi Island is located south of Samos and is the northern most island of the Dodecanese island
    group. This is a fantastic place to relax for a day and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the Aegean Sea, the
    fresh fish and the authentic local dishes. Agathonisi can be reached by boat from the Pythagorio
    Harbor, Samos.

    Ikaria or Icaria
    Ikaria Island, the home of the mythical Ikaros, is located West of Samos and is only two hours by
    ferry-boat from Karlovassi Port. Many people visit Ikaria because of the health resort,  (hot springs),
    which many believe cures conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Ikaria has beautiful mountains
    with breathtaking nature, panoramic views, traditional mountain villages (like Christos) and beautiful
    fishing villages. Ikaria is considered one of the world's five "Blue Zone" places, where the population's
    average life expectancy is above ninety (90) years of age. This island is a great place to relax and
    experience the Greek Island’s healthy lifestyle. Ikaria for the past two years has become a popular
    destination for a younger crowd. See Ikaria Island, Greece photos.

    Island Hopping in the Greek Island of Samos
    Samos is very well connected by ferry boats to the Dodecanese Islands, Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos,
    Kos, Lypsi, Symi, and  Rhodes. There are also direct flights twice a week between Samos and
    Rhodes. All the islands in the Dodecanese group are unique and you will enjoy each one for a different

    Kos Island is known for its friendly people, laid back lifestyle, vibrant nightlife, beautiful sandy
    beaches and water sports. View Kos Town photos

    Rhodes Island is famous for its ancient ruins, spectacular beaches, luxury resorts, delicious
    Mediterranean cuisine, and walks through medieval quaint towns. Rhodes Town is very cosmopolitan,
    located in the center is the walled old town with lots of shops, restaurants and plenty of medieval ruins
    and castles for you to visit. Also, Rhodes town has a casino. Lindos town is amazing and the views of
    the blue Aegean sea are spectacular. Lindos old town has the Acropolis on the top of the hill, narrow
    winding cobbled streets and traditional market shops. Rhodes has so much to offer and I love that it
    has kept its charm and rich traditions. From Rhodes you can continue on by taking a direct flight to
    Crete with Sky Express or you can take the more scenic route by ferry-boat and visit the Island of
    Karpathos on your way to Crete. See also Rhodes travel guide.
    Samos is very well connected by ferries to Chios, Lesvos (Mytilini) and Limnos.

    Chios Island is only 2-3 hours by ferry North of Samos. Chios is a beautiful island untouched by mass
    tourism. Chora the City of Chios has an exciting nightlife and great places to shop. Outside of the city is
    Kambos, which has some spectacular stone built mansions, with pebble yards and fountains protected
    by high walls and gates. In Chios you can visit many beautiful beaches and impressive medieval villages
    (Mesta a beautiful medeival village and Pyrgi the largest medieval mastic village with very impressive
    Samos is very well connected by ferries to Ikaria, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Syros and Piraeus.
    There are two ferries going to Piraeus with daily trips during the summertime.
    From the cosmopolitan Island of Mykonos you can also take a daily ferry that goes to the amazing
    Island of Santorini.

    Yachting in the Greek Island of Samos
    Thanks to the marinas and great harbors, Samos is a favorite calling place for yachts. Samos and the
    nearby islands are the best places in the world to sail by yacht. Sailing with a yacht gives you the
    opportunity to discover the small, isolated, traditional, and beautiful Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea.
    You can even make your vacation more fun, carefree and relaxing by sailing with a yacht from Samos
    to the coast of Turkey and to all the nearby Greek Islands. There is a marina in the Port of Karlovassi
    (Limani), and a marina next to the Harbor of Pythagorio. There is also a charter yacht company,
    Samossail, which is based in Pythagorio. You can rent a yacht with or without a crew and sail to the
    beautiful tranquil waters of the Aegean Sea. The best months for yachting are April, May, June,
    September, and October. The months of July and August experience high winds (meltemia) and the
    seas might be rough.

    Water Sports in the Greek Island of Samos
    In Samos you can enjoy a wide range of activities. You can go wind surfing on the beach of Kokkari or
    water skiing in Potokaki Beach by Doryssa Bay, located in Pythagorio.

    Other highlights in Samos
    Breathtaking mountain hiking or walking through villages (such as Vourliotes, Manolates, Ampelos,
    Platanos, Kontakeika, Leka),  monasteries (Profiti Ilias, St. John the Theologian, Panagia Vrondiani,
    Megali Panagia, Agia Triada, Agia Zoni), or the Potami Beach water falls and be close to nature.  

 View of Pythagorio Samos Marina             View of Ikaria Island          View of Karlovassi Samos Marina
Karlovassi Port, Samos Island, Greece
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                             WELCOME TO GREEK ISLAND OF SAMOS ADVENTURES !

    Samos Island & nearby Greek islands is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of
    Greek Island lifestyle.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Samos adventures to nearby Aegean Greek Islands off
    the beaten path, where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine and
    the warm hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy day trips & explore nearby Greek Island attractions
    & culture!
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