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    Photos of Asklepion the most famous
    monument in Kos Island, Greece.

    Kos Island is where antiquity meets modern
    civilization. Kos offers cosmopolitan
    lifestyle, natural beauty, sandy beaches &
    rich culture.
Pictures of Asklepion or Asclepeion Monument - Kos Top Attractions
Asklepion was the most famous hospital of its time, with running healing waters that were used for treatment (Spa). The
Asklepion is located 3.5 km from Kos Town and stands on the slopes of a small hill. The Asklepion was built in 4th Cenctury
BC and the site is laid out on three terraces. In the 1st terrace you will find the ruins of Propylaea, Bath House, Stoas &
public Lavatories. In the 2nd terrace is the Ancient Temple of Asklepios & remains of Temple Apollo (7 restored pillars).
the 3rd terrace, you will see the ruins of the Great Temple of Asklepion and you can also enjoy superb views of the Aegean
Sea, Kos Town, and coast of Asia Minor. Enjoy below photos of Asklepion. Read more of Kos Island
Top Atractions.
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