Athens, Greece, the birth place of civilization and democracy, is a cosmopolitan city that never sleeps
    with numerous sites to visit and cultural performances to enjoy. Below is a list of the top ten
    attractions that you should not miss during your tour of Athens, Greece.
Acropolis-Parthenon, Athens Greece

    Athens, Greece
    A trip to Greece will not be complete without visiting the magical
    City of Athens.
    Athens Greece is where antiquity meets modern civilization.
    Athens offers great museums, top archaeological sites, rich
    culture, cosmopolitan lifestyle, amazing nightlife, & great shopping.
    Athens is a fabulous city to enjoy by day or night & a perfect
    vacation spot at any time of the year.

Top Attractions in Athens, Greece

    Athens is must see for the ….

    •        Archaeological Sites
    •        Exceptional Museums
    •        Fine Arts and Culture
    •        Rich History
    •        Entertainment/Night Life
    •        Great Shopping

    Acropolis - Parthenon. No visitor should leave Athens,
    Greece without a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon,
    the Temple of Athena. The Parthenon is dedicated to the
    goddess of wisdom, Athena, the patron Goddess of the
    City of Athens. The Parthenon is set on top of the
    Acropolis Hill which is located in the city center of Athens.
    The Parthenon is a Doric style and was built around 440
    BC. Also, from the Acropolis you will enjoy fabulous
    views of the ancient Theater of Dionysus, the New
    Acropolis Museum, and the City of Athens. The Acropolis
    can not really be described in words, it has to be seen. The
    Acropolis is located at Dionysiou Areopagitou St., Athens,
    Open Mon - Fri. 8–7 PM; Sat.& Sun. 8:30–3:00 PM  

    The New Acropolis Museum
    The New Acropolis Museum is located near the base of
    the Acropolis and has a direct view of the Parthenon. The
    new facility, which is one of the highest profile projects
    undertaken in Europe this decade, consists of glass and
    concrete designed by architect Bernard Tschumi in
    collaboration with Michalis Photiadis. The museum
    displays the glorious remnants of its past and highlights the
    absence of those it lost. The ground floor of the museum is
    paved with thick glass panels, so visitors can view the
    excavations. Exhibits include the Porch of the Caryatids
    (the Erechtheion), the Propylaia, the Korai, (young female
    statues), the Hippeis (horse riders), and the Nike Temple.
    The whole gallery is arranged around a rectangular cement
    core which has the exact dimensions as the original building
    on the Acropolis. Parthenon sculptures are displayed in
    their original alignment in a glass hall, with a direct view of
    the ancient temple about 400 meters away.
    The museum is located at 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou St.,
    Athens, Greece. The museum is closed on Mondays.
    Opening hours are from 8:00 – 20:00. Admission is 5
    Museum Phone / Site: +30 210 900 0900 /
    Ancient Agora (Thission)
    The ancient Agora is located at the foot of the Acropolis,
    near the metro station of Thission. In the ancient times,
    Agora was the center of life in Athens. Agora was not only
    the commercial center of the city; it was also its political,
    cultural and religious one.  Agora in Greek means market
    and today you will find a bazaar in the archaeological site
    of the ancient Agora on Sundays. In the western edge of
    the Agora you will find the temple of Thission the best
    preserved temple of ancient times. The Thission was built
    in 449 BC and you will find the statue of Hephaistos and
    Athena. The Stoa of Attalos which is located at the East
    end of the site was built around 150 BC and it was the
    ancient shopping center. The museum's collection consists
    mainly of statues and common artifacts of everyday use
    which were found during the excavations of the ancient
    The Agora museum is open Tues-Sun. 8:30-2:45 PM.

    Below the Acropolis is Plaka.  Walking through Plaka's
    stone-paved, narrow streets, you will have the feeling that
    you are traveling back in time. You will be delighted by the
    beauty of the neoclassical colors of its houses, their
    architecture, their lovely little gardens, the elegance, and
    the total atmosphere of the area. In Plaka, you will also
    find many shops selling souvenirs, copies of well known
    works of ancient Greek art, and jewelry of traditional
    Greek design. The best restaurants in Athens are found in
    Plaka. The whole area of Plaka is filled with bars, tavernas,
    restaurants, cafés, and clubs. In Plaka you'll see the very
    best of Greece in "live" entertainment. Whatever you do, a
    trip to Athens, Greece wouldn't be complete without
    spending a night at the bouzoukia. This is a must
    experience and one you'll never forget!

    Monastiraki –Flea Market
    Monastiraki area is the old part of Athens, North West of
    the Acropolis and Plaka next to Ancient Agora. The small
    narrow streets are mainly taken up by the flea market stalls
    that sell all sorts of souvenirs, shoes, clothes, old chess
    sets, ceramics, old books, magazines, jewelry, hats, bronze
    items, and everything you can think of. Bargaining is fun
    and very acceptable here as well as throughout Greece.
    Shopping or simply walking around in Monastiraki is an
    experience not to be missed. If you like antique shopping
    there is an antique show in the Monastiraki Square every
    Sunday. In and around Monastiraki Square you will find
    many kebab and souvlaki restaurants. The most famous
    kebab/souvlaki restaurant is “Bairaktasis” which has been
    around since 1879. It has the best souvlaki in Athens. The
    Monastiraki Metro Station which is located on the square
    serves both Line 1 and Line 3 of the Athens Metro. The
    main streets of this area are Pandrossou Street and
    Adrianou Street. Also, from the Monastiraki Square you
    can walk through Metropoleos Street or Ermou Street
    which leads to Syntagma Square.

    Syntagma Square
    The House of Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown
    Soldier, where the spectacular changing of the guard takes
    place every hour, are located at Syntagma Square
    (Constitution Square). Syntagma Square is the center of
    Athens, Greece and where all activities take place. The
    famous luxury five star hotels “Grand Bretagne” and “King
    George II Palace” are located here. The House of
    Parliament which overlooks Syntagma Square was
    originally built as a palace for King Otto, the first King of
    Greece. Near by is the National Garden which is open
    from dawn to dusk. The National Garden is an oasis in the
    middle of the City of Athens full of flowers, plants,
    bushes, and trees from all over the world. In the National
    Garden you will find a duck pond, a small zoo, a Botanical
    Museum, a small café, and a Children's Library and
    playground. Another place of interest to visit is the Zappio
    which is a small park area between the National Garden
    and the Panathinaiko Stadium. The Zappio houses
    important art exhibitions and occasionally there are outdoor
    concerts. The beautifully marbled Panathinaiko Stadium
    which is built in the shape of a horseshoe, it stands
    opposite to the National Garden. The Panathinaiko
    Stadium is the only major stadium in the world built
    entirely of white marble. The Stadium we see today was
    built in 1870 for the first Olympic Games held in modern
    times in 1896.  

    Kolonaki Square – The Kolonaki area in Athens is a 15
    minute walk from Syntagma Square. It is the trendiest
    place in Athens to shop and offers some of the best
    fashion boutiques in town. Kolonaki Square is the place to
    see and be seen. One of the fun things to do while you are
    visiting Athens is to go shopping in the Kolonaki district or
    relax in one of the upscale cafés (coffee shops) in Kolonaki

    The National Archaeological Museum
    The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the finest museum for Greek art in the entire
    world. It contains the gold treasure excavated at Mycenae, including the golden mask of Agamemnon.
    There are exhibits of Greek art, in chronological order, from the Archaic era through the Classical,
    Hellenistic and Roman periods. The museum is located on 44 Patission St. in Athens, Greece. The
    museum is closed on Mondays.
    Museum Phone/Site: +30 210 821 7717 /

    The Byzantine Museum
    The museum is located at Vassilisis Sophias and Vassileos Konstantinou Avenues. This museum
    contains the richest collections of Byzantine icons in the world. The museum also contains post
    Byzantine icons, manuscripts, wall paintings, and mosaics. The building facing the entrance houses
    three different churches of different periods: Early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine.

    Benaki Museum
    The Benaki Museum is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building in Athens, Greece and is located
    between Vassilisis Sophias Avenue and Koubari Street. The museum is between the National Garden
    and Kolonaki Square. The collection includes Bronze Age finds from Mycenae, early works by El
    Greco, ecclesiastical furniture brought from Asia Minor, pottery, copper, silver and woodwork from
    Egypt, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia, and a stunning collection of Greek regional costumes. You will
    see Greece's history from its beginnings to today. Find out about current exhibits at

    Lykavittos (Lycabettus) Hill
    The Lykavittos Hill is the highest point of Athens, Greece (277 meters above sea level) and is located
    near the Kolonaki area in Athens. You can get to the top of Lykavittos Hill by a cable car (funicular),
    which called “teleferik” in Greek, or walking. You can take the cable car (teleferik) at the end of
    Ploutarhou Street.  Once you reach the very top of the hill you can enjoy spectacular views of the
    City of Athens, the Acropolis, surrounding mountains and on a clear day you can see the Port of
    Piraeus and the Aegean Sea. On the top of the Lykavittos Hill you will find the Chapel of St. George
    and a café/restaurant.
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    Where to stay in Athens?
    You could stay in the city center of Athens (Kolonaki, Plaka, Syntagma Square...) to be walking
    distance to Athens's top attractions, shopping, tavernas, cafés, & entertainment.
    Another popular alternative is to stay by the sea in the Athenian Riviera (Glyfada, Voula,
    Vouliagmeni...) if you want to avoid the hustle & bustle of the big city. The Athenian Riviera is
    approximately half an hour from the city center of Athens. In the Athenian Riviera you could also
    enjoy the beach, shopping, restaurants, cafés & entertainment as well as Athens's top attractions
    (Acropolis, Parthenon, museums...). Find out more about the Athenian Riviera, and how to get there.

    You can make your trip to the Greek islands a perfect holiday by spending a few days in Athens either
    at the beginning or end of your trip to Greece. You can explore more of Athens by taking excursions
    & cruises to nearby attractions. See best Greek islands itinerary recommendations.

    Hotels search below provides you with complete information about various Athens hotels with
    pictures, reviews & prices. You can book online here after you find out which hotel is the right one
    for your holidays in Athens.

    This is your travel guide to Athens, Greece, where you can experience Greek history, arts & culture.
    During your Greece vacation you can enjoy Athens, great museums, the Parthenon, excursions to
    near by attractions, as well as the Greek culture, under an unforgettable sunshine.  
    The Parthenon in Athens, Greece is among "Top 43 Must See Places" in the world, according to
    Smithsonian magazine.
Right Views of Lykavittos Hill -
Athens, Greece from the Acropolis
Views Below of the Temple of Kariatides & Parthenon in Acropolis Athens, Greece
Above Views of Dionysos Theater - Acropolis in Athens
Dionysos Theater - Acropolis, Athens, Greece
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