Athens, Greece Excursions

    Visit the magical City of Athens &
    explore many top near by Attica attractions.

    A trip to Greece & the Greek islands will not be complete without
    visiting the City of Athens and its near by top attractions.

    Athens, Greece Day Trips
    Athens, Greece is located at the Prefecture of Attica. There are many one day travel destinations to
    explore in Attica just a short distance from the center of Athens. You can visit and combine excursions to
    excellent historical places, activities, entertainment, shopping, beaches, cruises, and to nearby islands of
    the Saronic Gulf Coast. If you have a few days in Athens during your visit to Greece and you don’t have
    a lot of time to travel to the Greek islands or just want to explore outside of Athens below are the best
    travel destinations (day trips) from the city center of Athens, Greece.
    Athenian (Athens) Riviera
    The Athenian Riviera is the coast line along the
    Saronic Gulf Coast South East of the City of
    Athens, which starts in Glyfada and ends in Cape
    Sounion. Driving along the coastal road of
    "Posidonos", a beautiful coastline, you will pass by
    the beautiful beaches of Glyfada, Vouliagmeni,
    Voula, and Varkiza. The Athenian Riviera is the
    ultimate place for sailboats, yachting, marinas,
    beautiful beaches, golfing, sunshine and blue seas.
    Glyfada has one of the best golf courses in Greece.
    The Glyfada Golf Course, a well established, pine-
    studded course is located near Athens in the town
    of Glyfada 30 minutes away from the center of
    Athens. Glyfada also offers exclusive boutique
    shopping and many tavernas, bars, cafés and
    entertainment to enjoy.
    Vouliagmeni is Attica’s most fashionable seaside resort. Besides its beautiful beaches, Vouliagmeni is
    famous for its natural lake "The Lake of Vouliagmeni". Vouliagmeni is located 20 km from Athens and
    is an oasis surrounded by turquoise water and beautiful green landscapes. Vouliagmeni is one of the
    wealthiest southern suburbs of Athens to enjoy sun and fun during your travel to Athens Greece.
    Vouliagmeni is a beautiful and picturesque peninsula known from the famous lake with the mineral water
    spa and an outstanding mild climate that makes all-year round holidays possible. The town of
    Vouliagmeni is home to some nice restaurants, where you can sample some of the local fish dishes. Also
    there are many cafés, bars, tavernas and lively nightlife near by. There are many five star hotels (Astir
    Palace, The Westin Athens, Arion Resort & Spa) in Vouliagmeni which accommodations also serve the
    neighboring towns Voula, Varkiza and Glyfada.

    The best of beaches Athens has to offer are located in Vouliagmeni. The famous blue flag beaches of
    Vouliagmeni Beach and Astir Beach are the most popular in the area. Both are sandy beaches about 20
    km from the center of Athens and can be accessed by bus from the center of Athens.  Vouliagmeni
    Beach is a cosmopolitan beach, very trendy, and equipped with umbrellas, sun chairs, water sports,
    basket ball, tennis courts, volleyball nets, restaurants, canoes, and playground. There is an all day
    admission to Vouliagmeni beach which offers high level of services and quality. Astir (Asteras) Beach is
    also located in the southern suburb of Vouliagmeni, on the Laimos peninsula, and is an upscale,
    fashionable, and cool place for fun and relaxation. It is an organized beach with umbrellas, sun beds,
    showers, water sports, Wi-Fi network and the services are all of high quality. Astir Beach is very hip and
    a hot spot for Athenians to hang out and to get away from the busy city life. Astir beach is comfortable
    with environmentally friendly facilities that offer guests quality services. The entrance fee is 15 euros for
    adults and 8 euros for kids up to 12 on the weekdays and 25 euros and 13 euros respectively on the
    weekends. You can also pre-book on line and reserve your spot on the famous Astir Beach. Astir Beach
    as well as Vouliagmeni Beach offer facilities for disabled individuals.
    Cape Sounion
    Cape Sounion is a very popular day-excursion from Athens. Cape Sounion is noted as the site of ruins of
    the ancient Greek Temple of Poseidon, the God of the Sea in classical mythology. The Temple of
    Poseidon, Doric style,  was constructed in approximately 440 BC, over the ruins of a temple dating back
    to the Archaic period. The Temple is located at the tip of the cliff of Cape Sounion at a height of almost
    60 meters above sea level. The best time to see the temple is around sunset, which is considered to be
    the most magnificent sunset in Attica. Cape Sounion is one of the most breathtaking archaeological sites
    in all of Greece. The Temple of Goddess Athena is also located about 400 meters from the Temple of
    Poseidon which was dedicated to the sanctuary of Athena Sounias. The Temple of Poseidon is an hour's
    drive from central Athens and both the site itself and the route leading to it are worth every minute of the
    drive. Cape Sounion is also an upscale summer home location for Athenians and is one of the most
    expensive areas in Greece. Open 8:00 AM to Sunset during the summer and 10:00 AM to Sunset during
    the winter.
    Hydra Island
    Hydra is a beautiful small island in the Saronic Gulf which can be easily reached from Athens. There are
    ferries that depart frequently from the Port of Piraeus (Pireas) and the journey takes about 2 hours.
    Hydra Town is built in an amphitheatre on the hills that enclose its deep natural harbor.  The tiny harbor
    is picture perfect, with cafés along the waterfront and houses perched on the hill. Out of the Saronic
    islands Hydra is the most popular and the most unspoiled island as well. Perhaps the best thing to do if
    you visit the island for a day is to walk along the streets, browse at the shops, people watch, and relax at
    the cafés.
    Aegina Island
    A short ferry ride away from Piraeus is the Saronic Island of Aegina. Aegina Port is busy with different
    kind of boats coming and going. The small island is famous mostly for the ouzeries (cafes/bars) and
    seafood appetizers (mezedes). The waterfront is lined with small restaurants, easily recognizable by the
    grilled octopus. A stroll along the narrow alleyway streets behind the port you will see many historic
    buildings, restored neoclassical houses, and beautiful courtyards with flower gardens. The Venetian style
    Tower of Markellos, a few minutes from the port, is a must see sight. There’s also a lovely beach near-
    by and an archaeological site. Aegina was a major power during the classical period and used to compete
    with Athens. If history interests you, there’s also a museum right by the archaeological site. Close to
    Aegina Town there’s also a water park, a paradise for the kids who get to enjoy several interesting rides.
    The pedestrian streets are filled with shops where you can buy pretty much anything. The island is a
    place where Athenians love to escape the busy city life especially during weekends and holidays.
    Rafina Port
    If you want to experience the island life on the mainland, the busy Port of Rafina is your best destination
    outside of Athens. The Port of Rafina is also connected by ferry to some of the islands. Rafina Town
    has a nice beach which gets crowded during the weekends. In Rafina, there are plenty of restaurants
    where you can enjoy traditional Greek food, such as grilled octopus, fried squid, and many fish dishes.
    There are several ways to get to this enchanting port but the easiest one for the tourists is taking the bus.
    You can take the metro to Victoria Square and then walk to Areos Park (See Transportation below for
    more information). This is where you can catch the bus to Rafina. The drive takes about 40 minutes. Of
    course, if you prefer to drive, you can rent a car.  

    Transportation - There are many sightseeing tours and excursions (travel packages) offered by tour
    companies and travel agencies to explore outside the City of Athens. Also, you can rent a car for a day
    and drive on your own to the Athenian Riviera. However, several day trips outside of the City of Athens
    can be reached with public transportation. The city’s buses, metro, and tram are efficient, cheap, clean,
    and comfortable. You can take a public bus to Sounion and Rafina from Mavromateon Station         
    (Tel: +30 210 823 0179), by the Pedion tou Areos Park near the city center of Athens. You can also
    take a bus to Vouliagmeni by taking bus E22 from the bus station by Sina and Panepistimiou Ave. in the
    center of Athens. Finally, you can take the metro to the Port of Piraeus for the island day trips to Aegina
    and Hydra, to take the ferry or hydrofoil (Tel: +30 210 422 1766) to the islands.

    Port of Piraeus
    South west of the City of Athens is the City of Piraeus, Greece. Piraeus is the main port of Athens, just
    20 minutes by metro from the center of Athens and it is the departure point (Greek island cruises &
    ferries) to most of the Greek Islands.  

    Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos,  is located in Attica 35km from the center of
    Athens. The Athens International Airport (AIA) has excellent facilities and services. You can access
    Athens from the airport via public transportation, bus & metro that operates 24 hours a day. Also, the
    airport cafés stay open 24 hours a day. You can go to the airport site ( to find out  more
    information about visitor services, flights, transportation, parking, on site hotel, shopping, art and culture.
    The airport is also connected via public transportation (bus & metro) to the Port of Piraeus.
                                                                           Athens Excursions
    During your trip to Athens, you can take many excursions & adventure to ....

  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Famous Archaeological sites
  • Small nearby islands
  • Charming ports & towns
Acropolis - Parthenon, Athens Greece
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    You can make your trip to the Greek islands a perfect holiday by spending a few days in Athens either at
    the beginning or end of your trip. Visit Athens, Greece and enjoy Athens nearby attractions!
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