Greek Island Lifestyle

    How to adopt the Greek Island

    Greek Island lifestyle benefits health
    and longevity. Greek Island lifestyle
    is about enjoying the simple things in
    life and finding the perfect balance.
Why to adopt the Greek Island lifestyle ? Because you can improve your ...
  •        Health  - Mediterranean diet
  •        Quality of life
  •        Longevity
  •        Well being - Social relationships
  •        Physical activity
Mediterranean Diet
the Mediterranean diet by eating unprocessed food. Most
of the people in the Greek islands have a garden where they
grow their own vegetables and the grocery stores also sell
local produce. You can mimic this aspect of the
Mediterranean diet by buying seasonal produce from the
farmer's market or if possible harvest vegetables and herbs
in your own garden and incorporate the dietary traditions of
Greek people. The fruits and vegetables from the local
market are fresh and delicious and you will not only eat like
a Greek which will benefit your health you will also benefit
your local economy by supporting the local farmers.
Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and
salads which are a big
part of the Mediterranean diet. Make your own Greek salad
dressing with olive oil and red wine vinegar sprinkled with
oregano and herbs.
Another food that is common in the Greek diet is
It's very easy to incorporate the super food, legumes, into
your diet by adding beans into your salad, make lentil or
bean soup or use them as a side dish. Legumes add protein
and fiber into your diet which provides great nutrition to
your health.
Another staple of the Greek diet is Greek yogurt, which makes a good afternoon snack. Choose fat free plain yogurt, sprinkle cinnamon
and put fresh fruit, honey, or walnuts  on top for a delicious and healthy snack. Greek yogurt can be found in major supermarkets in the
United States. Greek yogurt can be used with oatmeal for a healthy breakfast. Greek yogurt has a lot of protein, probiotics that is good for
the digestive system, and is high in bone building calcium.

Don't use high fat and high sugar processed foods. Instead make
grilled or baked lemon chicken breast or fish. Choose whole wheat pasta
and breads.  
Feta cheese, olive oil, Greek olives, and
tzatziki is the main daily food of the Greek Island diet, which can be easily incorporated into your
diet. Southern Europe's people have eaten this way since antiquity. The
Mediterranean diet combats heart disease and boosts longevity.
If you want to live a long and healthy life adopt the
Greek Cooking. Greek cuisine is not only good for you is also tasty and delicious.
restaurant in Samos Town. It's
located in front of the harbour, the
food is delicious and the service is
great. The cuisine is traditional Greek
island food.
Living the good life
Getting together with friends for coffee and conversation is a daily part of Greek Island life. This can be easily incorporated into your
lifestyle. Social activity and relationships promote quality of life. The secret is not only in finding the perfect diet it's also having the
confidence to live life to the fullest. Greek culture is about taking the time to enjoy and share time with family and friends. Also the pace of
life is slower and
Greek people take time to rest in the middle of the day by taking naps. They value friendship and leisure time. It's possible
to adopt some of those habits in your own life and experience a more balanced life.
Pictures above Samos Town, Samos, Greece
Physical Activity
Greek Island lifestyle is also about physical activity and relaxation. The climate in the Greek islands is dry semi tropical with a lot of
sunshine all year round. Greek people walk to the market, shops, beach and stroll around to the cafés in the town square. Greeks
stay active and engaged with people. You can incorporate some of the daily activity into your life to stay active and healthy. If you
live in a warmer climate the outdoor lifestyle it's easier to adopt. Try to incorporate some of the physical activity by walking to shops
or take a brisk walk at the park or beach with a friend. Find ways of daily activity and enjoy nature, sunshine, and stay engaged with
people. Greek Island lifestyle is about enjoying simple things in your life, engaging with people, and finding balance.
How to adopt certain aspects of the Greek Island - Mediterranean lifestyle
I live in the United States and I spent my summers in the Greek Island of Samos. I adopted the Mediterranean diet by shopping at the
local farmer's market for fresh produce, and I am able to get Greek products such as yogurt, olive oil, feta cheese, Kalamata olives,
and hummus from the local supermarket. Now that I work from home I am able to prepare my own meals and I make lunch my
main meal instead of dinner. It's also easy to be able to eat out at restaurants and eat some of the Mediterranean diet food here in the
States. I live in a warm and sunny climate so I am also able to take brisk walks on the beach, and walk to Starbucks café, and local
restaurants all year round. Also, on weekends I meet with my friends and we stroll around at the city certain of town to shops,
restaurants, and outdoor cafés.
However, my environment is different here in America than the slower pace of life in the
Greek Islands. It's a fast pace environment
and more difficult to find balance between work and leisure, family and friends. Here the concept of eat and run is very common in
our American culture, but unheard in the Greek Island culture. Napping in the middle of the afternoon is also unheard here but very
common in the Mediterranean lifestyle. However I found that balance to enjoy the simple things in life, relax and slow down by
spending my summers in the Island of Samos. By spending time on a Greek Island during summertime, I am able to enjoy endless
sunshine, blue skies, nature, small town atmosphere, gatherings with friends at the cafés that lead to philosophical conversations about
life, relaxing  in the middle of the day, shopping at small shops, and going to local tavernas and not been rushed. You can
visit the
Greek Islands and be able to experience the
Greek culture and bring back some of the aspects of the Greek Island lifestyle into your
own life.
                                      WELCOME TO GREEK ISLAND LIFESTYLE !

    Enjoy the Greek Island relaxed culture with the simple things in life, as well as the healthy Mediterranean diet for a more balanced
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