There's something spectacular about Samos and the Greek Islands off the beaten path.   Perhaps it’s
    the golden sunshine, fresh air, the aquamarine Aegean Sea, relaxed lifestyle, or it's delicious food.

    Why is Greek Island Living healthy & long living?
    because of ....
           wonderful weather
    •        relaxed lifestyle
    •        high quality of life
    •        healthy delicious food
    •        active lifestyle
    •        good social life
    •        fresh air

    An outstanding feature of the Greek island climate lies in the long hours of sunshine. It is no
    exaggeration to say that Samos and the Greek Islands enjoy three thousand hours of sunshine per year.
    The Greek Islands have mild winters and semi-tropical dry summers with cool breezes that are known
    as "meltemia".

    Greek Island Food
    Dining on the Greek Island of Samos and all the Greek Islands typifies the core of the Mediterranean
    diet and is considered one of the healthiest diets in the world. The Greek Island diet is rich in complex
    carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes; fish and poultry; and low to moderate dairy
    products, lamb and beef. All meals are prepared using the local extra virgin olive oil produced on Samos
    Island, and the Samos produced wines are usually consumed with meals.
    The best thing about the Greek food is its simplicity. Nothing is ever processed and  the food is always
    fresh, locally gathered and produced. Traditionally, the Village people live off the land, gather wild
    herbs and fruits, grow their own vegetables and raise chickens, lambs and goats for their meat. This
    same fresh and home produced food is also served in the restaurants. The locals eat all that their rich
    soil produces. On the Greek Island of Samos, eating is a way of life, and a delicious meal can last all
    afternoon or all night. Great wine, good conversation, and the generations of experience accumulated by
    the locals, makes eating a satisfying and magical experience.

    Greek Island authentic dishes you should taste ....
    Arni gemisto (lamb stuffed)
    Gouvetsi manestra (beef or lamb with pasta/orzo)
    Gemista (stuffed eggplant, peppers & tomatoes)
    Moussaka (eggplant & potatoes with ground meat & bechamel sauce)
    Pastitsio (greek macaroni with ground meat & bechamel sauce)
    Fasolakia (green beans)
    Oven baked potatoes
    Grilled octopus
    Souvlaki (skewered lamb, chicken, or beef kabob dishes)
    Horiatiki salata (Greek salad)
    Horta (greens)
    Tzatziki sauce (dip or sauce on gyro pita sandwich)
    Spanakopita (spinach pie)
    Tiropita (cheese pie)
    Yogurt with fresh local honey
    Sokolatines desert (chocolate cake)
    Baklava desert
    Frape coffee (ice cold coffee)
    Greek coffee
    Local Samos wines

    You can taste all of the above specialties in the restaurants and tavernas or cafés in the resort towns and
    villages of Samos. Tipping in restaurants, cafés, and tavernas is very customary and welcomed, but it's
    not based on the amount of your bill.  Tipping amount is discretionary depending on the service you
    receive. You can learn all about Greek Cooking, Good Cooking and how to prepare the authentic Greek
    specialties , Greek appetizers here.

    Greek Island lifestyle
    Samos and the Greek Islands have retained their traditional character and charm. The islands are
    relatively peaceful and have not suffered from any major over development. The Greek people know
    how to live a balanced lifestyle. They take time to connect with friends and family and they do not
    worry about time. There is little sense of urgency, as things get done in their own time. In the late
    afternoon, between 2 and 5 p.m. the locals close down the shops for an afternoon nap. In the evening
    the people gather at the cafes (kafenion) for conversation, relaxation and to socialize. Family and
    community are embraced and are celebrated as a local tradition. Throughout the summer months, there
    are many festivals (panigiria)  in the Village square (platea) where folk dancing takes place.
    The locals in Samos and the Greek Islands live life with a passion and they enjoy their exquisite food,
    drink, rich history and nightlife. Take off your watch, forget about time and experience the laid back
    lifestyle. During your stay, visit with the locals at the waterfront cafés and tavernas and enjoy the Greek

    Other highlights- active lifestyle
    During your summer break in Samos you will enjoy swimming in the beautiful aquamarine Aegean Sea,
    which is a favorite daily activity of the locals.  Because of the island's mountainous terrain and narrow
    terraced streets, locals walk most of the time, so they get quite a workout when they travel to their
    gardens and markets, as well as neighboring villages or towns. For those of you that are planning a
    holiday or vacation, Samos is an excellent place for walking and mountain climbing. You will find
    many areas of unique natural beauty to explore and admire. The mountains, hillsides, seashores, and
    beaches are perfect for walking,  jogging or biking.
    My favorite walking trail is up the hill  from the Port of Karlovassi (Limani)  to Paleo Karlovassi to the
    famous Chapel, Agia Triada, on top of the hill where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the
    magnificent sunsets. Another favorite walking trail is along the seashore of Karlovassi as you travel
    West to Potami Beach. On your way there make sure you stop at the St. Nicholas Chapel to enjoy
    those panoramic views of the amazing sunsets as well as the mountains with the majestic rock
    formations of Potami Beach. In Potami Beach you could also take a path towards the oldest Chapel on
    the island (11th century), Metamorfosis, and continue on to view the natural waterfalls.
Karlovassi Port, Samos Island, Greece

    Greek Island Living

    Samos & the Greek Islands off the
    beaten path is the right spot for
    relaxing, unwinding and enjoying
    the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.
Views of the near by Greek Island of Ikaria below


    Samos is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Samos and nearby Greek Islands off the beaten path,
    where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine and the warm
    hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy the Greek Island culture!!!
Views of Samos resort towns below
Views of Samos Greek Island Living below
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