Greek Island Real Estate Guide

    Greece is an ideal location for your
    holiday, retirement or permanent home.

    Greek Islands offer sunshine, laid back
    lifestyle, natural beauty, rich culture, &
    beautiful properties to buy.
Why Greece & the Greek Islands is the best location to purchase a holiday, retirement or permanent
Because the Greek islands offer ex pats ….
  •        Mediterranean laid back lifestyle;
  •       unforgettable sunshine & mild climate;
  •       rich history, culture, & tradition;
  •        natural beauties & best beaches;
  •        quaint towns with friendly people;
  •        affordable property prices;
  •        various types of properties;
  •      beautiful villas & homes;
  •        great food; traditional tavernas; and
  •      English is spoken everywhere.
Greek Island Real Estate Purchase Guide
EU and non EU citizens can purchase property in Greece. The warm sunny climate and lifestyle make the Greek islands a
favorite place for ex pats to purchase property.  Also, the new Greek Law allows non EU citizens who invest over 250,000
euros (EUR) in Greek property to obtain a residents permit.
Greece does not have a multiple listing system so finding a property to purchase can be challenging. There are real estate agents
but they only represent their own listings. In order to purchase property in Greece you have to contact various
real estate
agents, developers, and private owners
. To find property to purchase direct from owners, you need to check the local
newspaper classified, Internet, or walk the streets in the neighborhood that you like and look at the for sale (Poleite) signs. If you
don't speak the Greek language it's a good idea to get a
real estate consultant to help you with your house hunting process and
to help you with attorney and public notary referrals. Purchasing property abroad is a very important decision and it will be a
good idea to become more knowledgeable with the process. You can email me ( for more
information and
professional real estate advice.

Best Greek Island to Purchase Real Estate
Many ex pats have already holiday homes or live permanently in the islands of Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Mykonos, Kos, Ikaria,
Samos ...
Samos Island has many properties for sale such as luxury villas, traditional old stone houses, contemporary apartments, land to
build a new home or  a property renovation project. Properties close to resort towns and the beach are more expensive than
properties in the villages and country side. If you like renovation projects, there are many opportunities to find a more affordable
priced home. New construction homes are more expensive depending on location. If you're buying a holiday home and time is
limited a new construction or a newly renovated property is the ideal home for you. Also for ex pats that don't speak the Greek
language a renovation project might be difficult. Samos Island has beautiful homes to buy in the resort towns or in the beautiful
quaint villages to retire or spent your holidays. The sunny mild Mediterranean climate, laid back
lifestyle , and friendly people is
what makes Samos a favorite relocation Greek island in the EU. See
Samos Towns for more information about this lovely
Greek island.

Purchasing a
Greek Island holiday, retirement, or permanent home can be easy if you are well prepared regarding the process.
It's always better for ex pats to rent first. It's better to become familiar with the area that you will like to live first as well as
develop friendships with local people to help you with the process. See also live or
Retire on a Greek Island.
Greek Island Property Purchase Process
After you locate the property that you will like to purchase you need the following:
  1. You need to hire an attorney in Greece to purchase property. The attorney will perform the title search, property registry.
    The buyer will appoint an attorney to perform the settlement. The buyer can appoint power of attorney to a lawyer to sign
    the purchase contract and make payments. The seller also has to appoint an attorney to handle the settlement of the property.
  2. You need to hire a public notary (simvoleographo) to complete the sales contract. The purchase & sale contract will be
    signed by seller/buyer in front of public notary. In Greece the public notaries have law degrees.
  3. You may need to hire a civil engineer to review property plot, building structure, & building restrictions.
  4. You must open a bank account in Greece to be able to transfer funds to purchase the property. According to the currency
    regulations, you have to show the bank (source of funds) that the funds have been declared and legally acquired.
  5. You must obtain a Greek role tax number (AFM). It's easy to obtain an AFM number from the local tax office. Just bring
    your passport and the tax office will issue you an AFM number. Also you will need this AFM number to open the bank
  6. Financing. For ex pats to obtain a mortgage in Greece from a bank might be a little difficult due to extensive documentation
    that you have to provide to the bank. Also all documents must be officially translated in Greek. If you can finance outside of
    Greece, you must declare the mortgage to the bank of Greece.
  7. If you are purchasing property close to the National Border, such as Northern Greece, Rhodes or Crete ... you must obtain
    approval from the local prefecture city hall (Dimarchio).
  8. The buyer will pay the following fees in order to purchase property in Greece: Transfer tax 11% of the published value
    assessed by the tax office; attorney fees 1-2% of purchase price; public notary fees 1%. There are no annual property tax in
    Greece for properties valued under 200,000 euros; however there is a small fee that is paid with the electric bill (charatsi)
    under the new austerity measures.
  9. Originally a 10% of purchase price down payment is required in order to sign the sales & purchase contract. The transfer fee
    for the property tax is paid prior to the actual property purchase (before settlement).  The whole process from the time you
    sign the contract until the final purchase of the property takes approximately 6-8 weeks.
  10. Final step is the notification of Land Registry. The attorney will submit a copy of the title to the Land Registry.   
Property for Sale
59,000 Euros

If you're interested of buying the following buildable 4,000 square meters land
with a vineyard, olive groves, & mountain views in the area of Agios
Pandeleimonas in
Karlovassi Town, Samos, Greece
Please email me ( for more information.

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Traditional old stone Greek island house for sale in the village of Leka, Samos
20,000 Euros
90 square meters with great views of Karlovasi Town & Aegean Sea