Honeymoon on a Greek Island.

    Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Samos, & Kos
    Island, Greece is romantic, charming, & best
    honeymoon destination.

    Greek Islands is your ideal top honeymoon
    destination, where you can enjoy romance, the most
    amazing sunsets, & fun under the summer sun.
Why you should honeymoon on a Greek Island? Because the Greek
islands offer ...

  •        Many romantic  Greek islands to choose from

  •        Perfect weather, endless sunshine for summer fun

  •        Most amazing sunsets in the world

  •        Picturesque charming villages

  •        Sophisticated cosmopolitan towns

  •        Best beautiful beaches to choose from

  •        Breath taking scenery

  •        Crystal clear blue waters

  •        Fantastic archaeological sites

  •        Great Greek cuisine

  •        Many Luxury hotels to choose from

  •        Vibrant local culture

  •        Many relaxing tranquil places

  •        Mystical places with enchanting views

  •        Friendly people & warm hospitality

  •        Unforgettable fun experience for newlyweds
Santorini Island
Santorini Island, Greece is your # 1 romantic honeymoon destination in the world. Santorini offers you amazing
views of the caldera, the most romantic and best sunsets in the world, multi-colored beaches (black & red sand
beaches), intimate hotels with inspiring views, picturesque white & blue villages, wineries, & great Greek cuisine.
Santorini Island is very busy & touristy during  July & August, and it will be best to visit during June & September if
you don't like big crowds. Oia Village, Santorini, with the most amazing sunsets in the world & romantic hotels
overlooking the caldera, is your best honeymoon destination. To find out which island is the ideal honeymoon
destination for you, see more on
Santorini Island.

Mykonos Island
Mykonos Island, Greece is not just your party island, Mykonos is your glamorous, stylish, charming, and best beach
honeymoon destination. Mykonos Island offers  cosmopolitan lifestyle, great night life, luxury hotels, charming towns,
stunning sunsets, secluded relaxing resorts, great trendy shopping, quaint traditional tavernas, and near by Delos Island
ancient sanctuary. Mykonos is also very touristy like Santorini and very crowded during July & August. Each Greek
Island is unique & to find out which island is your best honeymoon destination, see more on
Mykonos Island.

Rhodes Island
Rhodes Island, Greece is your cosmopolitan island honeymoon destination. Rhodes offers the best beaches in the
Mediterranean, fantastic archaeological sites, enchanting Medeival Town, many luxury resorts for every taste, quaint
villages, ancient ruins, great Greek cuisine, & stunning views of clear blue waters. Rhodes is where ancient civilization
meets vibrant modern culture. The top two honeymoon destinations in Rhodes is the Old Town (Medeival Town) in
Rhodes Town & Lindos Village with the Acropolis of Lindos on top of the terraced hill, in the Southern part of Rhodes
Island. Find out more on
Rhodes Island to decide if this is your perfect honeymoon destination.
Samos Island
Samos Island, Greece is your romantic & relaxing honeymoon destination. Samos offers  lush green landscape with
beautiful tall mountains, tavernas with traditional Greek cuisine, stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue
water, romantic hotels, quaint villages, rich history & culture, & great hospitality. Samos Island is less touristy and is your
ideal honeymoon destination during the high pick season, July & August. Find out more about
Samos Island, its towns,
beaches, culture, & accomodations to decide which Greek Island is your best honeymoon destination for you. The two
top honeymoon destinations in Samos Island is Pythagorio Town & Kokkari Village. The quaint village of
Kokkari offers
intimate tavernas & hotels for newlyweds, best romantic beaches, and  stunning scenery. The picturesque Pythagorio
Town with its graphic beautiful harbour full of yachts & cosmopolitan atmosphere offers luxury beach front hotels perfect
for your romantic strolls on the beach.
Doryssa Seaside Bay Hotel is a beach front luxury resort, & a popular
honeymoon destination. Pythagorio Beach, Samos was Anthony and Cleopatra's favorite vacation spot and you can
experience the same romantic aura by spending your honeymoon on the same beach. Doryssa Seaside Bay Hotel is
located directly on
Pythagorio Beach, 1 km from Pythagorio harbour and in close proximity to Potokaki Beach.

Kos Island
Kos Island, Greece is where antiquity meets modern civilization, a fun, tranquil, & rich culture honeymoon spot. The
Dodecanese beautiful island of Kos offers modern cosmopolitan towns, a great castle, sandy beaches, luxury resorts,
fantastic archaeological sites, quaint villages, water sports, relaxation, & charm. Kos Island is for the newlyweds that want
to avoid the big crowds of the more popular Greek islands and like to have fun under the sun. Kos Town offers
cosmopolitan lifestyle & vibrant local culture. Also, there are great luxury resorts outside of Kos Town in the area of
Kardamena, such as Helona Hotel, by Hilton, if you're looking for luxury, tranquility, a lovely sandy beach to relax &
spent time with each other. See more on
Kos Island.
                   Other ideal honeymoon spots in Greece
Small Greek Islands off the beaten path

Each Greek island is unique and depends on your own taste which island is best for your honeymoon. You can choose
one of the top great honeymoon destination recommendations above and also explore near by small islands off the
beaten path. Find out more information about Greek island
adventures and itinerary recommendations to explore your
dreamy Greek island for your honeymoon destination. If you prefer cruising, see more information on my
cruises page to find out which is your perfect Greek island cruise honeymoon destination.

Athens, Greece honeymoon
A honeymoon in Greece without visiting the magical city of Athens will not be complete. If you fly from Europe directly
to the islands you can skip Athens this time, but don't forget to include Athens in one of your future trips. However if
your international flight is through Athens get a flight at the same day to your destination island and save couple days at
the end of your trip to spent time in
Athens or the Athenian Riviera. Find out the best way to explore Athens &
Athenian Riviera in my
Athens Excursions page. The Athenian Riviera offers newlyweds great sandy beaches, magical
sunsets (Sounion), luxury hotels, and is a short taxi ride to the Acropolis & Plaka at the city center of Athens, as well as
accessible to small quaint picture perfect small islands for day trips.

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Views above of Samos Island, Kokkari Village & Samos Town
Views above of Patmos Island     &     Acropolis in Athens, Greece
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Honeymoon on a Greek Island, Santorini, Mykonos, Samos, Rhodes, Kos ..., a top romantic honeymoon
destination in the world.

Have the honeymoon of your dreams on an exotic Greek island with the sparkling blue sea, great beaches,
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Views above, romantic sunset Potami Beach, Samos
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