Ikaria (Icaria) Island, Greece. Ikaria Photos

Ikaria, Greece is your off the beaten path Greek
island alternative holiday destination.

Ikaria offers charm,  amazing scenery, rugged  
landscape & healthy lifestyle under the summer
Evdilos Port, Ikaria Island, Greece
Views of Evdilos Port, Ikaria Island above
Views of Agia Irini Chapel in the North coast of Ikaria Island near
Evdilos Port above
Photos of Christos Raches (Raxes) Village Square, Ikaria Island above
Views of Theokepasti Chapel, carved out of a rock, near Arethoura Village,
Ikaria Island above
Views of Ikaria Island mountains & rugged landscape above
Images of Ikaria Island above
Picture of tranquil beach of Ikaria Island, Greece above
Views of Ikaria, Greece above

    Ikaria, Greece is your unspoiled Greek island holiday destination, that offers tranquil beaches and fun under the sun.

    This is your travel guide to the super health oriented Greek island of Ikaria, where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean
    Sea under an unforgettable sunshine and the warm hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy Ikaria's traditional mountain
    village nightlife !!! - Hotel Search Engine
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                                                  IKARIA ISLAND HIGHLIGHTS / TRAVEL GUIDE
                                                      ALTERNATIVE GREEK ISLAND HOLIDAY

Ikaria Island is situated at the Eastern Aegean Sea and is located West of Samos, East of Mykonos and North of Patmos. See
map for more info. Ikaria is a long and narrow island, 40 km long and covers an area of 267 square meters. Ikaria  Island
took the name after the mythical Ikarus (Icarus), who felt into  the island's shores after his daring attempt to touch the sun
with his wax wings.
Ikaria Island  is famous for its curative  mineral water springs, its wild natural beauty, rocky  shorelines,
impressed mountain scenery, traditional festivals, longevity, and the  daily laid-back lifestyle of its locals.

Naturalist Tourism
Ikaria is for the tourist that is looking for an alternative holiday to enjoy hiking in the island's natural landscape, exploring
the island's mountains, ravines, lakes, rocky shores, pine forests, plane trees, olive groves, vineyards, orchards, and wild
flowers. There are many hiking trails old and new in the mountains that pass through traditional villages in the area of  
Raches, in the western part of the island which is considered the most tourist part of the island. The best time to go hiking or
walking through the trails is from March through June & September through November. During July & August the sun is hot
so the best time is to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. During the winter months the temperatures are mild
however it rains a lot and you need appropriate clothing.

Traditional Villages & Festivals
Ikaria Island is a paradise for those that want to enjoy nature and the daily laid back life of the locals. In recent years Ikaria
became the tourist destination for young urban individuals that want to get away from the city and want to enjoy nature and
the relaxed lifestyle of the locals in the traditional villages. You can discover the small villages in  the area of Raches, such as
Christos mountain village. In Christos you can relax in the main square's coffee shops and  restaurants under the old plane
trees where locals don't care about time. The concept of time is different here. You will experience a
lifestyle long gone in the
modern world. Village festivals are huge parties in honour of the patron saint where people eat, drink and dance all night long.
The traditional festival (Panigiri) that takes place in Christos Village is on August 6th, is one Panigiri that you should not miss.
Another village that you want to visit is
Armenistis which is Ikaria's resort with hotel accommodations, sea view traditional
tavernas, coffee shops, and crystal clear blue water
Livadi Beach for swimming.

Highest Life Expectancy
Ikaria is the island where the people live to be beyond their 90's due to their lifestyle, traditional healthy cuisine, relaxation
and daily activities. Ikaria is one of the five
"Blue Zone" places in the world.

Health & Wellness Spa
Until a few years ago, Ikaria was mostly famous for its hot springs (health spa) and less for its wild natural beauty. The
island's mineral hot springs "Therma", which many believe that cures many conditions such as arthritis, are located in Agios
Kirykos Town in the southern part of the island.

How to get to Ikaria Island
It's easy to get to Ikaria on a daily basis from Piraeus (Athens) with a ferry boat. Ikaria has two ports Evdilos in the  northern
coast and Agios Kirykos in the southern part of the island which is the capital of the island.
Ikaria is also very well connected with the island of
Samos and Mykonos. In addition, there is a "flying dolphin" during the
summer months from Agios Kirykos, Ikaria to the islands of Patmos, Leros,
Kos, and Fourni.
Also, you can get to Ikaria by air from Athens four times a week.
Ikaria has a regular scheduled bus transportation between Agios Kirykos Town and Evdilos. There are also many taxis and
cars to rent in the island.

Why Ikaria Island is the best alternative holiday destination? Ikaria, Greece your off the beaten track island offers ....

  •        Naturalist tourism

  •        Highest life expectancy in the world

  •        Health & wellness spa (Therma)

  •        Tranquility & relaxed lifestyle

  •        Healthy food & traditional cuisine

  •        Quaint traditional villages

  •        Best traditional village festivals (Panigiria)

  •        Different concept of time in our modern world

  •        Mild weather & unforgettable sunshine

  •        Tranquil blue clear water beaches