Kos Island, Greece

    Kos Island is your unforgettable Greek  
    island holiday destination.

    Kos Island is where antiquity meets modern
    civilization. Kos offers cosmopolitan
    lifestyle, natural beauty, & rich culture.
    Why Kos (Cos) Island is the best  holiday destination? Kos Island, Greece offers ….

    •        Cosmopolitan towns; vibrant nightlife &  modern resorts;
    •        ancient ruins; rich history, culture, & tradition;
    •        unforgettable sunshine & mild climate;
    •        impressive infrastructure; best Mediterranean marina;
    •        natural beauties & best beaches;
    •        quaint small towns with friendly people;
    •        great food; traditional tavernas; and
    •        English is spoken everywhere.
Kos Island, Greece
Kos, the island of Hippocrates or the garden of the Aegean, is the third largest of the Dodecanese (twelve islands)
group of islands in Greece. Kos Island is the top International tourist holiday destination. Kos Island, a cosmopolitan
holiday destination is
located at the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea and lies between Kalymnos and Nisyros. Kos
Island is 3 nautical miles from Bodrum, Turkey. Kos Island has approximately 33,000 population and covering a total
area of  295 square kilometers.
During antiquity and Byzantine period Kos Island was prosperous. Kos Island was the meeting point for culture and
trade, between East and West. In 1315, the Knights of St John capture the island and a century later they build the
great fortress (The Venetian Castle of Kos), which today stands in the entrance of Kos Town Harbour. In 1522 Kos
Island fell to the Turks for almost four centuries. In 1912 the Italians took over Kos Island until 1948 when became
part of Greece.
                             KOS ISLAND TOP ATTRACTIONS
Top attractions that you should not miss during your travel to Kos Island , Greece …..

    Kos Town
    Kos Town is the capital of Kos Island, which is located in the North East of the island. Kos Town is a pretty  small
    Mediterranean town built around an old harbour with an impressive Castle of the Knights (Kastro) which is built on
    the ruins of the ancient city (Polis).  
    Kos Town is famous for its Asklepion, Medieval Castle, Ancient Agora, Ancient Market, Casa Romana, Roman
    Odeon, Kos Old Town with Hippocrates Plane Tree (Platanos), the oldest and largest tree in Europe. The beautiful
    Avenue of Palm Trees (Finikon) is the main harbour avenue with the bridge above which connects the Castle and
    the Old Town with the near by Eleftherias square (Platea or Piazza), surrounding small shops and cafes, Mosque of
    Gazi Hassan Pasha, and Archaeological Museum.
    Kos Town has distinctive architecture,  fortress walls, beautiful Venetian buildings such as the Town Hall, pretty  
    palm trees and bougainvilleas.  Kos Town is the ideal place for walking or cycling.  Kos Town has the best
    infrastructure for bicycling and is paradise for bicyclers.  

A great Temple of the God of medicine from 4th century BC. The Asklepion is the most famous archaeological sight
in Kos Island. Asklepion, an ancient healing place, was built after Hippocrates death in honor of the God Askclepios
which was a hospital of methods of therapy taught by Hippocrates.  Asklepion is located 4 km from Kos city centre.
Tourists can take the tramp (train) from Kos Harbour to get to the Asklepion. The structures are built in three  
different levels which are connected with steps. In the first level are the ruins of a small temple and a spring which
was the recovery place for the patients. On the second level are the ruins of the altar of God Asklepios and Temple  
of Apollo. On the third level are the pillars of God Asklepios Temple.
The picturesque harbour is surrounded by cafes, bars, tavernas, restaurants, shops, excursion boats, yachts, and
traditional fishing boats. Kos Town has many resorts and comfortable hotels as well as beautiful beaches to the North
and South of the city. The new Kos
Marina which is located South of the Old Harbour was build in 2001 and is the best
and largest marina in  Mediterranean Europe for sailing and cruising. Cosmopolitan Kos Town has a modern  
infrastructure for communications, transportation, and English is spoken everywhere. Kos Town is well  organized to  
make life for international tourists more comfortable and to give you an unforgettable  Mediterranean holiday. Kos
Town has a vibrant night life and great shopping. Konitsi Square which is located in the city centre has elegant shops for
all tastes.
Asklepion Views below
Photos of Kos Town, Kos Island, Greece below
Views above "Castle of Kos"

Kardamena, Kos Island, Greece
Kardamena coastal village is located 30 km from Kos Town at the southern coast of the island. Kardamena village is 5
km from the "Hippocrates International" airport. Kardamena is well connected by public transportation to the airport
and Kos Town. Kardamena is built on the ruins of ancient Alasarna. Kardamena Village has approximately 1,200
population. Kardamena is the number one holiday destination with British tourists.
Kardamena Village offers
sophisticated and fun holidays. Kardamena Village offers crystal clear beaches, water sports, bike trails, and
excursions to near by island of Nisiros. In the evenings you can relax in the authentic waterfront tavernas, restaurants,
and cafés which are located all around the beautiful harbor. Kardamena offers great night life. There are plenty of
clubs, bars, and pubs  for young tourists to have fun. The village has plenty of supermarkets, tourist shops, travel  
agents, and comfortable  accommodations.

The best resorts and beautiful sandy beaches in Kos Island, Greece are located outside of Kardamena Village. The
crystal clear blue sea stretches for 6 km South of the village.
One of the best resorts to stay in Kos Island is
"Double Tree" by Hilton Resort, Kos-Helona. It's a 5 star resort
located 4 km South of Kardamena. Kos-Helona Resort is build on a hill overlooking the beautiful crystal clear blue sea
of Helona Beach. I stayed at Kos-Helona and my experience has been superb. You can enjoy excellent food at Helona
restaurant, stunning views of Aegean sea, serenity, luxury, and swimming in the warm crystal clear waters. The resort
has 21 infinity pools, a spa, and a great gym.
Kos-Helona is the ultimate place for relaxation and one of the most
unique destinations in Greece.
Photos below of Kardamena Village & festivities
Photos of Kos-Helona Resort by Hilton
Views of Kardamena above

Kos Island Excursions (Day Trips)
There are many one day travel destinations to explore in Kos Island just a short distance from Kos Town. You can  
visit and combine excursions to excellent historical places, (Asklepion the best of Kos), activities, picturesque  villages,
beaches, cruises, and to nearby islands of Nisyros, Kalymnos and Bodrum Turkey. If you have a few days  during your
visit to Kos Island, Greece and you don’t have a lot of time to travel to other Greek islands or just want to  explore  
outside of Kos Town below are the best travel destinations (day trips) to explore Kos Island or near by islands.

Nisyros (Nisiros) Island
The small volcanic island of Nisyros is located South of Kardamena, Kos and is a short boat ride to Mandraki which is
the capital city of Nisyros.  Nisyros is famous for its inactive volcano, wild natural beauty, impressive black volcanic
grounds with glimmering white houses, and spectacular views of volcanic crater. In Nisyros you should explore amazing
Nikia Village which was formed by a massive eruption in the 15th century. Nisyros Island has approximately 1,200
population and can be reached by ferry boat all year round from Kos Town. There are many organized tours to the
island from Kos Town and Kardamena Village resort daily during the summer.

Kalymnos Island
Kalymnos the island of sponges is located North of Kos Island and is the fourth biggest island in the Dodecanese group
of islands with approximately 16,000 population. You can reach Kalymnos Island from Kos by ferry boat or Flying
Dolphin (hydrofoil), which is less than an hour ride, on a daily basis during the summer months. Kalymnos has a new
airport and you can travel there by air from Athens. Samos Island is well connected to the Dodecanese group of islands
in the summer months with the Aegean Flying Dolphin. I took the hydrofoil from Pythagorio Samos to Patmos,
Kalymnos, and then to Kos Island. It stops in many small islands off the beaten track and it's very quick and
comfortable. I left Samos in the morning and before noon I was in Kos. On my return  I left Kos around 2:00 PM and
returned to Samos around 6:00 PM.
Kalymnos is famous for sponge diving, Holly Monastery of St Savvas, Byzantine Castle of Chora, and Venetian Castle
of Hrysoherias. Views of Kalymnos Island below.
Castle of Kos below
Bodrum, Turkey
You can take daily a small boat or a Flying Dolphin from Kos Town Harbour to Bodrum, Turkey. Bordum is famous
for its Old Town and bazaars. You can shop for spices, rugs & leather goods. The boat ride is less than an hour to
Bodrum. You can leave in the morning and return to Kos in the afternoon.

From Kos Island, exploring other islands such as
Rhodes, Symi, and Patmos in the Dodecanese group of islands it's fun
and convenient.

Zia, Kos Mountain Village
Zia Village is located 14 km from Kos Town on the slope of Dekeos Mountain. From Zia you can enjoy breathtaking
views of Kos island, surrounding islands, Turkey, and the most amazing sunset. Zia is famous for its picturesque
courtyard houses decorated with beautiful flowers, rooftop tavernas, and handcraft shops.

Kefalos Seaside Resort
Kefalos Village is a laid back resort in the southern part of the island. If you're looking for a quite & peaceful holiday,  
Kefalos Seaside Resort has a beautiful sandy beach with a taverna, water sports and is famous for wind surfing. Kefalos
is accros from a small island named Kastri.
Kos Island Beaches

Kos Island is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear blue Aegean Sea, and water sports. Kos beaches are  
organized with sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants, tavernas, and cafés.
On the North coast of the island you can enjoy swimming or sunbathing at the
Tigagi Beach which is located near Kos
Marmari Beach  which is a long sandy beach, & Mastichari Beach.
On the South coast of the island you can enjoy more calm waters in
Kefalos Beach, Paradise Beach, and Kardamena
Kos Town has a beach South of the marina, at the North end of Kos Town which is a very crowded with tourists, and a
little further out is
Lambi Beach.
Castle of Kos or Castle of Nerantzia images


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unforgettable sunshine and the warm hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy the Greek Island culture!!!
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