Marry on a Greek Island.

    Santorini, Samos, Mykonos, Rhodes, & Kos
    Island, Greece is charming & romantic wedding

    Greek Islands is your perfect wedding & top
    honeymoon destination, where you can enjoy
    romance, the most amazing sunsets, & fun under the
    summer sun.
Why you should marry on a Greek Island? Because the Greek islands offer ...

  •        Perfect weather, endless sunshine for summer wedding

  •        Romantic places with most amazing sunsets in the world

  •        Beautiful charming places

  •        Many chapels for wedding ceremonies

  •        Breath taking scenery

  •        Crystal blue waters with Aegean Sea in the back drop

  •        Magnificent places to take your wedding photos

  •        Wedding/Honeymoon combination

  •        Cost effective, inviting only parents, siblings & close friends

  •        Wedding planners, bride & groom focus on each other

  •        Many wonderful  Greek islands to choose from

  •        Trendy to marry abroad

  •        Unforgettable lifetime experience
Weddings in Greece
Have you ever dreamed of getting married abroad
overlooking the crystal clear blue sea? You can marry on a
Greek Island the perfect spot for your beautiful outdoors
wedding. Greece & the Greek islands enjoy endless blue
skies, an unforgettable sunshine, during the summer months
which makes the Greek islands your top wedding
destination abroad.
There are many Greek islands to choose from to have your
wedding under the summer sun. The romantic aura,
panoramic scenery, amazing sunsets & crystal blue sea has
inspired many couples to have their wedding in
Mykonos, Rhodes, Samos, Kos, Crete, Chios, Skiathos
(the island where the movie "mamma mia" was filmed),
Kefalonia, Zakynthos, & Corfu island. Weddings abroad
have become very popular in recent years and are for
couples that want to have a relaxed & romantic lifetime
experience without the formalities & stresses of traditional
weddings back home.

Civil or religious weddings are performed in Greece. A civil
wedding ceremony is performed by the mayor of the
locality where you want your wedding ceremony to be
performed. Each locality has certain locations where the
ceremony takes place and also per your request, it can be
performed at any location with the permission of a mayor.
You need to have two witnesses and one of them can be
the interpreter.

Religious Orthodox weddings are performed in the various
churches in the main land in Greece & the Greek Islands.
Roman Catholic weddings are performed in the Catholic
churches/cathedrals throughout Greece. There is a Roman
Catholic church in Athens and in the Greek islands of
Rhodes, Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos  where Catholic
ceremonies are performed for couples that want to marry
abroad. Rhodes Island has a Protestant church as well as a
Synagogue where wedding ceremonies can be performed.
Greek Island Weddings - Civil Ceremony Top Locations - Aegean Sea Islands

Santorini Island, Greece
  •        Courtyard of St. Irene Chapel overlooking the Caldera in Thera (Fira) Town
  •      Volcanic black sandy beach
  •        Wineries
  •       Villa/Hotel terrace overlooking the caldera at sunset
  •        Thera Town Hall

Santorini Island is the most romantic island with the magnificent caldera views at sunset to have your civil
wedding ceremony.     

Samos Island, Greece
  •        Pythagorio Town Hall in Pythagorio Village, a historic UNESCO listing
  •        Beautiful Pythagorio Marina with views of the blue Aegean Sea

Samos Island is traditional, romantic, and very scenic to take your beautiful wedding pictures. There are
resorts, traditional tavernas, and beautiful hotels to have your reception.

Mykonos Island, Greece
  •         Mykonos Town Hall at the harbour
  •       Sandy beach wedding
  •       Elegant chick hotels
  •       Mykonos Town windmill overlooking little venice at sunset

Mykonos Town is charming, glamorous and romantic with beautiful chapels & sandy beaches to have your

Rhodes Island, Greece
  •       Courtyard of St. George chapel in Lindos Village overlooking Lindos Bay, beach, & village square
  •      Courtyard of St. Paul chapel in Lindos Village overlooking St. Paul's Bay. The chapel is located at
    the bottom of the cliff with magnificent views of the Acropolis of Lindos
  •      Courtyard of St. Dimitrios in Lindos Village below the Acropolis with views of Lindos Bay
  •      Courtyard of St. Apostolos in Faliraki
  •      Sandy beach wedding in Faliraki, Kalithea, Tsambika, Kefalos, Pefkos
  •      Rhodes Town Hall
  •       Elegant beach front hotels

Rhodes Island is the most flexible island to have your wedding abroad. There are many enchanting Greek
chapel courtyards overlooking the blue sea, many sandy & secluded
beaches and beautiful hotels for your
civil ceremony.

Kos Island, Greece
  •       Sandy beach wedding
  •      Kos Town Hall
  •      Courtyard of St. Stephanos chapel
  •        Kastri Island St. Nikolas chapel surrounded by the Blue Aegean Sea

The beautiful island of
Kos has many sandy beaches, intimate sunsets, & nice hotels to have your wedding

All the Greek islands have traditional quaint tavernas & waterfront restaurants as well as elegant hotels to
host your wedding reception.
Greek Island Weddings - Legal Requirements

For a civil wedding ceremony in Greece you need the following documents:
  1. copy of your passport
  2. birth certificate certified & officially translated by the Greek Consulate in your country of residency
  3. certificate of no impediment & officially translated in Greek by the Greek Consulate
  4. If applicable divorce papers officially translated

All documents above are required for both parties (bride & groom). The documents must be originals and
have the stamp of apostille. An intent to marry notice must be published in the local Greek newspaper in the
area or town where the ceremony will take place prior to the ceremony. To obtain the marriage license all
documents should be submitted to the Town Hall (Dimarchio) where the wedding will take place,
approximately a few weeks prior to your wedding day. After the license is issued another application is made
at the Town Hall and the official will set up the date. US citizens can find
here more information regarding
marriages in Greece. After the ceremony the marriage must be registered in the Vital Statistics office
(Lixiarheio) to be valid. You have 40 days after the wedding to register in the locality where you were married.

For religious marriages the same documents above are taken to the priest or clergy and each religion has some
additional requirements such as baptism certificate to be submitted.

You can submit all documents yourself or you can hire a wedding planner if you like.
Greek Island Wedding - Honeymoon Combo

Marry & Honeymoon on the same Greek Island
Getting married abroad, on a Greek island, is cost effective because you don't have to invite distant relatives
& friends and you can combine the cost of your wedding &
honeymoon together. You're already on a Greek
island getting married, a perfect place for your wedding & honeymoon rolled into one. After your dream
Greek island wedding you can spent your honeymoon in the same island or visit other beautiful nearby
islands. It's easy & inexpensive to island hop during the summer months in Greece. Santorini is the number
one romantic honeymoon destination in the world, Mykonos, the party island, is charming, beautiful Samos
Island is traditional & romantic, Rhodes is enchanting & cosmopolitan, & Kos Island is stunning & fun for
your dream wedding & honeymoon combo.
Find out which
Greek island is best to spent your honeymoon and how to travel to nearby islands as well as
suggested sample

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honeymoon on a Greek Island.

Marry on a Greek Island, Santorini, Mykonos, Samos, Rhodes, Kos ..., a top romantic wedding destination
in the world.

Have the wedding of your dreams on a beautiful Greek island with the sparkling blue sea in the backdrop,
intimate sunset, stunning scenery, under an unforgettable sunshine. Enjoy your special day!
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