Mykonos Island, Greece

    Mykonos Greece is your super stylist party island &
    your mythical Greek island holiday destination.

    Mykonos Island offers charm, golden sandy
    beaches,  amazing nightlife, cosmopolitan lifestyle,
    and glitz and glamour under the summer sun.
Mykonos Town, Mykonos Island, Greece
                           WELCOME TO MYKONOS ISLAND, GREECE

    Why Mykonos (Myconos) Island is a world popular tourist resort destination?
    Because of the …
  • Unique charming character

  • Picturesque neighborhoods
    & harbors

  • Golden sandy beaches

  • Ancient sanctuary of Delos

  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle, and

  • Amazing nightlife

    Mykonos, Greece
    Mykonos Island, the Aegean Sea’s glittering island, with its sugar cube white houses, narrow
    streets, small churches, and special charm is part of the Cyclades group of islands. Mykonos,
    Greece a treeless, rocky, but fertile island is very popular for artists, fashion designers, and
    celebrities and is one of the most popular island destinations for nightlife in Europe. Mykonos
    Island’s cosmopolitan character, sophisticated nightlife, rich history and culture, plus its stunning
    natural beauties, picturesque villages and charming harbours, makes it one of the most desirable
    holiday destinations in the world. Mykonos Island is cosmopolitan, glamorous holiday resort for the
    rich and famous and for a diverse group of people.

    Mykonos Island is stylish and hip and attracts young singles who want to have fun under the hot
    sun. Mykonos offers young tourists the liveliest club scene, famous beach parties, summer full
    moon beach parties, and exciting nightlife. Mykonos Island is charming and relaxing with tranquil
    sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. Mykonos Island offers families and couples quaint villages,
    cultural events, museums, churches, shopping, and beach activities for unforgettable summer
    holidays on a mythical Greek island. Mykonos island is gay-friendly and hospitable to all tourists.
    Mykonos Island is very crowded during the high season, July & August, as well as expensive.

    Mykonos remains the social magnet for vacationing Greek and international celebrities. Mykonos
    is famous for having trendy bars, stylish cafés, upscale restaurants, fashionable boutiques, with
    cosmopolitan atmosphere. Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot put
    Mykonos on the jet-set circuit during the '60s, but recently Mykonos Island has become a favorite
    summer hot spot for world famous fashion designers, celebrities, glitz and glamour. Celebrities
    Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, Paris Hilton, Hugh Jackman, and P
    Diddy have visited Mykonos and Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli own holiday homes in the
    island. Sarah Jessica Parker loves Greece and she would love to make “Sex and the City 3″
    movie in Greece and especially in Mykonos Island.
                                           Mykonos Island Top Attractions

    Mykonos Town (Hora or Chora)

    In Mykonos Town, you will find five of the most famous Mykonian windmills in the area of
    Alefkandra next to the Little Venice area. The windmills of Mykonos Town are a landmark of the
    island, which would be impossible to imagine the landscape without them. The windmills were built
    by the Venetians during the 16th and continued through the early 20th Century due to the island’s
    geographic location and the strong north winds that blow throughout most of the year.  In the past
    were about 16 operational windmills to mill wheat, but today none of them are operational and have
    been renovated. The most famous windmill is Bonis and the majority of them serve as tourist
    attractions. Today one of the windmills is a museum.

    In Mykonos Town, you can find several museums: The Archaeological Museum which houses
    excavation findings that date back to 5th century BC from the necropolis in near by islet of Rhenia;
    the Folklore Museum which is housed in a Venetian Castle (Kastro), has collections of antique
    furniture, Byzantine icons, Folkloric ceramics, and a collection of model boats;  and the Aegean
    Maritime Museum with exhibits of model rowing boats, sailing vessels and steam-powered ships,
    from Prehistoric times until the present.

    One of Mykonos Town’s attractions is "Petros the Pelican". Petros is a local celebrity that takes
    casual walks around the port and loves to pose for photos. In 1954, a pelican was picked up at sea
    after he became injured and separated from the rest of his flock. The pelican, which was named
    “Petros” by the locals, settled on Mykonos Town and became the island’s mascot. Later on Jackie
    Kennedy-Onassis donated a female pelican, “Irini”, to keep Petros companionship. After Petros
    died, in 1986, the Hamburg Zoo donated another pelican, Petros II. In later years another young
    pelican, “Nikolas”, fell on the island and made Mykonos Town its home. Nowadays, there are three
    pelicans (Petros, Irini, & Nikolas) running around the port, posing for tourists.
    Mykonos Beaches

    Mykonos Island is famous for its beautiful
    sandy beaches, its crystal clear tranquil sea,
    water sports, and beach parties. During the high
    season, July & August, most of the beaches are
    very crowded; however there are some quiet
    secluded beaches also. The most popular
    beaches are the ones on the southern coast of
    the island.

    Platis Gialos Beach
    Platis Gialos Beach is located 3 km from
    Mykonos Town. Platis Gialos is a popular
    family oriented beach with good bus and taxi
    service from Mykonos Town. It’s a beautiful
    sandy beach with straw umbrellas, sun beds,
    water sports, restaurants, snack bars, shops,
    and hotels. Platis Gialos is connected to other
    beaches (Paradise & Super Paradise) of
    Mykonos with boat service.
    Paradise Beach  
    Paradise Beach is located 5 km from Mykonos Town on the south side of Mykonos Island.
    Paradise Beach is the most famous beach in the island and attracts young crowds, mostly in their
    20’s. It is a beautiful sandy beach with tranquil blue water and organized with sun beds umbrellas,
    water sports, restaurants, beach bars, and clubs. Paradise Beach is known for the beach parties.
    The music from the bars becomes loud starting at 4:00 PM and at night the beach transforms into
    a club with dancing until morning hours. Also, during the summer months Paradise Beach hosts
    the full moon beach parties. The "Hippies" during the 60's discovered paradise in Paradise Beach.
    Paradise Beach can be reached by bus from Mykonos Town and by boat service (water taxi) from
    Platis Gialos.

    Super Paradise Beach
    Super Paradise Beach is located 7 km from Mykonos Town and just two miles from Paradise
    Beach. Super Paradise is a magnificent beach with crystal clear blue water in a secluded area with
    very little development. The golden sandy beach of Super Paradise is an organized beach with sun
    beds, umbrellas, restaurants, bars and cafés. This beach also attracts young crowds and is famous
    for the beach parties which start after 4:00 PM. Super Paradise is a nudist-friendly beach. Super
    Paradise Beach is also gay-friendly. The beach can be reached by car and boat service (water taxi)
    from Platis Gialos.

    Ornos Beach
    This charming seaside resort has a lot in common with Platis Gialos. Like most of the beaches in
    Mykonos, it is very wide and sandy and offers plenty of holiday accommodations, sun-beds,
    umbrellas, supermarkets and tourist shops. Ornos Beach carries a Blue Flag and is mostly family
    orientated. Ornos Beach has scuba diving and snorkeling schools and is easily reached by bus from
    Mykonos Town.

    Psarou Beach
    Psarou Beach is located 5 km from Mykonos Town. Psarou Beach is an upscale beach that
    attracts the rich and famous. Psarou Beach is a place to see and be seen. The beach is in a cove
    with walk boards and is organized with sports, upscale restaurants, cafés, umbrellas, and sun beds.
    This is a sophisticated, cool trendy beach as well as charming.

    Kalo Livadi Beach
    Kalo Livadi Beach is located 10 km from Mykonos Town and can be reached by bus. Kalo Livadi
    Beach  is a quiet, calm, sandy and family oriented beach. The beach is organized with umbrellas,
    sun beds, tavernas and cafés.

    Agios Stephanos Beach
    Agios Staphanos is a sandy beach with crystal clear water close to the new port at the north side of
    the island. The beach can be reached by bus from Mykonos Town. It is an organized beach with
    water sport facilities, sun beds, umbrellas, and cafés. Agios Stephanos beach is very popular and
    gets very crowded during the high season.

    Delos Excursions
    The famous historical Delos island, an ancient sanctuary, is a must see. Delos, the island of light,
    is the birthplace of God Apollo and Goddess Artemis. Ancient Delos was the banking center of
    the Aegean and home of the first multicultural civilization and trade. Delos was the hub island
    around which the circling Cyclades are named. In Delos you will be able to see the famous Delos
    “Lions”, the amphitheatre, ancient temples, a museum with breathtaking mosaic floors, statues,
    and the Temple of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess.

    The boat ride to Delos Island is 45 minutes long from the Old Mykonos Port. Boats run Tuesdays
    to Sundays, starting at 9:00 AM. You will probably need to budget at least three hours. There are
    also organized tours that you can take from Mykonos Town.  

    Mykonos Town is the main port and capital of Mykonos
    Island, Greece. Mykonos Town maintains its unique
    character and charm with its whitewashed sugar cube
    houses, blue-dome churches and chapels, and narrow
    alleyway cobblestone streets with bougainvilleas hanging
    over the walls, all gathered around its beautiful picture
    perfect harbor with the windmills in the backdrop.  In
    Mykonos Town you will find many jewelry shops, local
    art shops, boutiques, art galleries, cafés, trendy bars and
    restaurants. Many of the famous designers' boutiques,
    souvenir shops, and cafés are located on the famous
    Matoyianni Street and near by alleyway streets.

    The poetic neighborhood of Little Venice, is a must see.  
    Most of the houses were built by the water during the
    16th and 17th Century and a lot of them now are turned
    into charming cocktail bars, tavernas and restaurants. You
    will see the typical Cyclades Mykonos houses, which
    belonged to captains and rich merchants, with their
    wooden balconies hanging over the sea. Little Venice is
    Mykonos Town's best spot, especially around sunset
    time, where you can enjoy a drink at one of the
    waterfront trendy cafés and see the sun deep into the sea.
    Little Venice is one of the most photographed places in
    Mykonos, Greece Nightlife

    Mykonos the super stylist party island is famous for its nightlife. The nightlife of Mykonos Island is
    considered among the best in Europe. Mykonos Town at night is a place that never sleeps.
    Mykonos Island has cosmopolitan lifestyle and sophisticated nightlife. Mykonos is the island for
    partying, with bars and clubs that remain open until the morning hours. In Mykonos Town there
    are numerous trendy and sophisticated bars, cafés and clubs for every taste. Mykonos nightlife
    focuses mostly on bars rather than clubs, actually a lot of the bars turn into clubs for dancing, but
    also a number of big clubs can be found throughout the island.  In Mykonos Town at the
    neighborhood of Little Venice, you will find the most expensive bars and cafés.

    Mykonos Town Nightlife
    Cocktails at Caprice in Little Venice at dusk are a must. Caprice is a cool bar where you can party
    from noon until dawn. Caprice bar, with its bohemian decor, lively music, and classy atmosphere
    attracts many young crowds, Greek and international tourists. Mykonos bar is just across from
    Caprice that plays mainstream and Greek pop music.  Just around the corner you will find Veranda
    bar with its unique character which is housed inside a charming quaint building. Semeri bar in
    Little Venice offers sophisticated nightlife and is popular with celebrities. Rhapsody bar in Little
    Venice is a famous nightlife destination. Galleraki is another bar with its poetic-artistic ambiance to
    enjoy a drink during sunset.

    Astra bar stylish and classy at fashionable Matoyianni (Matogianni) Street in Mykonos Town is
    famous for its jet-setting clientele. Destijl bar (ex Celebrities bar) also on Motoyianni St. is cool
    and popular and attracts trendy Greek crowds as well as celebrities. Here you will also find
    Vengera bar and Aroma bar which mostly attracts Greek tourists. Bolero bar has good hip-hop
    nights in Mykonos Town. Near the municipality of Mykonos Town is the famous Skandinavian
    bar and club, which is very popular with the young crowds. It has two open bars and a disco at the
    second floor and the best prices in Mykonos Town. Space is a popular dance club in Lakka
    Square. Yacht Club is an after hours bar/club situated on the old harbor in Mykonos Town.  
    Remezzo along the harbor is a perfect bar to chill and dance with a diverse crowd. Anchor bar has
    great eclectic house music and comfy couches. Pierros is the most popular gay bar with two levels,
    an outdoor seating area, a café, and late night venues.


    Mykonos, Greece is your cosmopolitan Greek island holiday destination, that offers fun, glitz and
    glamour under the sun. See best itinerary recommendations.

    This is your travel guide to the super stylist party island of Mykonos, where you can enjoy the
    crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine and the warm hospitality of the friendly
    people. Enjoy Mykono's amazing nightlife !!!
    Paradise Beach Nightlife

    Cavo Paradiso is the ultimate weekend club
    where the party starts before sunset, which is
    located on a cliff of Paradise Beach. World
    famous DJs can be found here during the
    summer months. Tropicana bar in Paradise
    Beach is considered the world’s best bar.
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