Paleo (Old Town) Karlovassi, Samos

Samos, Greece with its picture perfect towns &
quaint villages is your island holiday destination.

Paleo Karlovassi offers charm, panoramic views,
rich decorated churches, magnificent sunsets &
crystal clear blue water under an unforgettable sun.
Paleo (Old Town) Karlovassi in Samos Island is a picture perfect town
and is located above Karlovassi Port. Charming town of Old
Karlovassi has a wooded hill with a striking church on top, Agia
Triada, authentic old Greek houses with amazing views, a square
around a wooded valley, old rich decorated churches (12 churches &
chapels in every corner) and offers the most magnificent sunsets and
views. Paleo Karlovassi quaint old town is a must see during your visit
to Samos. It's a short walk from the Port of Karlovassi but the hill is
steep. Also, you can get to Paleo Karlovassi by car.
Panoramic Views of Karlovassi Town Samos, Greece above
Panoramic Views of Karlovassi Town & Port below were taken from Agia Triada in Paleo Karlovassi, Samos
Views below of oldest church in Paleo Karlovassi Town, Samos
Views below of religious festivities in Paleo Karlovassi Town Samos,
Greece - June 4, 2012

    Samos Island is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.

    This is your best travel guide to Samos Island, Greece and nearby Greek islands off the beaten track,
    where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine with the warm
    hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy the Greek Island culture !!!
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