Karlovassi Port, Samos Island, Greece

    Retire on a Greek Island. Samos Island is a
    perfect retirement destination.

    Samos & Greek Islands off the beaten path is the
    right spot for relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying the
    taste of Greek Island lifestyle.
    Have you always dream of living or retiring on
    a Greek Island?
    Why the Greek Islands and the Island of Samos
    is the best retiring destination….

    •        Wonderful weather
    •        Low cost of living
    •        Affordable property prices
    •        Almost crime-free
    •        Healthy food
    •        Great social life
    •        Laid back lifestyle
Retire on a Greek Island
    The Greek Island of Samos, Crete and
    Skopelos are the most popular destinations to
    retire followed by Rhodes and Corfu. If you’re
    considering retirement in the sun a Greek
    Island is a perfect retirement destination for
    you. The cost of living is lower than the USA,
    Canada and the Northern/Western Europe and
    you’ll experience the hassle free lifestyle,
    wonderful Mediterranean climate and cuisine.
    You will be able to experience a truly healthy,
    happy, and more affordable life on a Greek
    Island. The Greek government promotes the
    Greek Islands not only for tourist destination
    spot but also as a place for retirement. Greece
    may be one of the best places to retire because
    of its imposition law on taxes and the
    determination of the Greek government to be
    one of the best places to retire in the entire
    Europe. There are strict government
    regulations regarding overbuilding and
    reserving the natural beauty of the Greek
    Islands. Retiring on the Island of Samos or any
    Greek Island you will not only experience
    endless sunshine but also unspoiled natural
    beauty, spectacular flora and fauna, great
    culture, history, as well as an active lifestyle
    which is very beneficial to your longevity.

    Affordable Property PricesBuying property
    in the Greek Islands is not expensive. You can
    find a nice home in the Island of Samos
    between 100,000 to 150,000 euros depending
    on the size, condition of the property and
    location. Rents are very low depending on
    location. You could rent an apartment for all
    year round lease for 300 euros a month.
    Actually is a good idea to rent a home for a
    year first before you decide on the location
    that you want to live.  Property prices in small
    villages are low compare to properties in the
    cities and by the sea shore. However, if you will
    have your own vehicle and you like the quite
    lifestyle it is a good idea to buy a home in one
    of the villages up in the mountains with
    gorgeous views of the Aegean Sea. However, in
    the city you will have better access to public
    transportation, market, restaurants and cafes.
    In Greece in order to buy property you need to
    hire an attorney for the closing. There are
    numerous real estate agents to contact to help
    you find to buy property or rental but is also
    very customary to find a home through word
    to mouth. Samos also has many old stone
    houses that you can purchase and renovate
    according to your taste and maintain the old
    Greek island style. If you rent first the
    neighbors and social circle will be able to help
    you find a property that is right for you. You
    can find here a beautiful  property to build
    with olive trees & a vineyard in the area of
    Karlovassi, Samos.
    Low cost of living - The Greek Islands is still a cheap place to live compared with the United
    States, Canada, Australia, and many Western European countries. Most things are cheaper
    such as rent and buying property, real estate taxes, utility costs, and food. You will spend less
    on many items, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, and wine which are locally
    produced. Meats and cheeses and breads are excellent, healthful, and very reasonably priced.
    You can make the most by buying fresh fruit and vegetables in season, which are inexpensive.
    The City of Samos has a farmer's market (Laiki) where the locally produced fruits and
    vegetables can be purchased. Eating out is affordable in all the small tavernas and cafes.
    Health care is affordable because Greece has a government-funded health care system. There is
    also private health care available. The Island of Samos has a hospital in the City of Samos and
    an emergency center in Karlovassi with many quality general practicing physicians and
    specialists to choose from.
    Based on conversations with many locals a couple could live in the Greek Island of Samos
    very comfortably with 1,500 to 2,000 euros a month depending on their lifestyle. Samos has
    many Greek Americans and Northern Europeans that retired permanently or live in the island
    during the summer months and go to their home countries during the winter. But for those
    wishing to retire in the Greek Islands and simply enjoy a highly desirable lifestyle, there is a
    legal way for an American to live permanently in Greece. There is a Greek law that allows
    those with adequate financial resources to reside in Greece. European citizens (EU) can live
    and work in Greece but they need a residence permit if they are going to stay more than three
    months. Due to low cost of living people can afford to retire early when they plan to move to a
    Greek Island. I would also like to mention that in Greece trendy clothes, shoes, and household
    items are more expensive than in USA. However, discounts (ekptosis) can be found during the
    months of February and August (semi-annual sales) throughout the country. Also, the Island
    of Samos has a “Lidl” a German discount supermarket chain outside of the City of Samos
    (Vathi), where a lot of household items and groceries can be purchased cheap. During the
    summer months there is a daily ferry boat that goes from the City of Samos to Kusadasi,
    Turkey. The bazaars in Kusadasi is a shopper’s paradise and Samos residents and tourists can
    shop there.
    Laid back lifestyle - If you move to Samos or one of the Greek Islands you will experience a
    stress-free, laid-back, affordable, and healthier lifestyle. The Greek Islands have one of the
    healthiest diets in the world. Life is easier and simpler. The rich culture, history, sunshine,
    beaches, and friendly people make the Greek Islands a perfect retiring destination. You will be
    able to spent long lazy days by the waterfront cafes which will help you integrate with the
    locals and their culture. Greeks are hospitable and friendly people so you will soon feel part of
    the community. The fresh air and sunshine can also help you make friends. When the weather
    is warm and sunny, it’s easy to spend more time outside. You will experience outdoor living
    and more sociable lifestyle. Also, before you know it, you may ease into an active lifestyle with
    lots of exercise which health experts agree is a key to keeping us looking and feeling young.  If
    you live in a city, you may soon be walking to shops and markets, or just exploring your new
    home town on foot. When adventure or new discoveries lie around every corner, long walks
    don’t feel like exercise. Stunning scenery, history and diverse culture is a dream destination to
    retire on a Greek Island. Greeting neighbors and the same friendly faces in the shops, cafés
    and marketplaces is a highlight of every day. There is a great climate for nearly all year round.
    During the sunny hot dry summer months, there are a lot of Saints’ Day festivals which are
    celebrated with music, dancing, and food. Everyday is like a holiday.
    If you want to get away from crowded cities and long commutes to a beautiful scenic and
    natural environment to live, a Greek Island is retirement heaven. If you like to experience a
    new culture and willing to make new friends the Island of Samos is your retirement
    destination. Life is so much slower here. Far more emphasis is placed on family life and
    making the most of living a quality life. Also, with the Internet, Skype, and cell phones today
    you can stay connected with family and friends back home. The Island of Samos has a good
    Internet broadband and there are many Internet cafés.

    Location – Which Greek Island? Each Greek Island has different characteristics and prices
    vary between them. Before you decide upon your dream island to live in all year round or just
    to spend your summers it is a good idea to visit a few islands or do plenty of research. Also, it
    is a good idea to rent an apartment first for a year and spent time during the winter months
    after the tourists go back to their permanent homes in Athens or Europe. The Greek islands
    are very quite during the winter months because you can not swim in the sea the winter time
    and a lot of the cafes and clubs close their doors during the off season. In the Island of Samos
    there is life all year round in the City of Samos and Karlovassi. The City of Karlovassi is a
    college town and many of the cafes and clubs stay open during the winter months. The Greek
    Islands have a mild winter. However, the raining season is during the months of December and
    January and it could be damp. If you decide to live permanently on a Greek Island perhaps
    this is the time to visit your family back home or visit Athens for shopping, entertainment or
    just sightseeing and culture. There are daily flights from Samos to Athens all year round. The
    flight from Samos to Athens is about 45 minutes. From Athens is easy to get to Europe, United
    States or any destination in the world. The flights are less expensive during the off season
    (winter months) which makes it easier to visit friends and family.
    Why Samos ?  
    If you love culture, history, fantastic weather, fine beaches, and unspoiled nature, Samos is
    your retirement destination. Living in Samos you will be able to experience ….

    •        Wonderful climate with 300 days of sunshine a year, which is one of the longest periods
                   of sunshine in Greece; fresh air; crystal clear water
    •        Great beaches; stunning scenery; charming villages with narrow cobble-stone streets
    •        Laid-back stress free lifestyle
    •        High quality of life, culture, and rich history made up of Ionian, Roman, Byzantine and
                   Ottoman era
    •        Hospitable friendly people; very welcoming to tourists and overseas residents
    •        Low cost of living and almost crime free which makes Samos a great place to live
    •        Natural environment, healthy food, and great access to health care and shopping
    •        Samos won awards in: as popular tourist destination; environmentally friendly; and
                   blue flag beaches

    Another Greek Island to consider for retiring is neighboring Island of Ikaria. This island is
    considered one of the five “Blue Zone” places, where the population’s average life expectancy
    is above ninety (90) years of age. Due to their extraordinary number of centenarians, the
    villages up in the mountains have attracted several major research teams. Most of the village
    people still live with one or more family members. The locals typically walk a few miles a day
    and eat healthy diets such as whole grain, fava beans, tomatoes, greens, garlic, various fruits,
    olive oil and cheese from grass-fed goats or sheep. They consume meat mostly on Sundays and
    holidays. Learn more about Greek food and discover  Greek Cooking, Good Cooking with
    delicious authentic Greek island recipes. The locals spent their mornings working in the fields,
    take naps in the middle of the day and spent their afternoon in the village square with friends.
    The Island of Ikaria is a small island compare to Samos and the people that need
    hospitalization have to come to Samos Town for their health care needs.

    It is a good idea to live in one of the larger islands. Samos and the neighboring islands of
    Chios, Kos, and Rhodes are good choices to consider. Also, many EU citizens have already
    moved to Crete as well as Rhodes and Corfu.

    You can search to rent or buy a property in the Greek islands here.
    Infrastructure - Greece overall is a stable country. It has a democratic government with a
    president, prime minister, and cabinet. Greece has experienced some problems with the
    economy recently, but the demonstrations do not pose any problems to the people who would
    like to retire or live in the Greek islands. Greece and especially the Greek Islands have a
    modern infrastructure for communications and transportation in the major cities and due to
    tourism the funds will continue to flow into improving the infrastructure into small towns over
    time. The bus system in the Island of Samos is very efficient and there is also an excellent taxi
    system available in the entire island. The air transportation system is very modern and Athens
    has one of the best airports in the world. Major investments are being made to improve the
    country’s overall transportation network further. The Greek Islands have excellent ferry boat
    links from / to the mainland and between the Greek islands. You can even spend your time just
    going from island to island, Turkey, Italy and elsewhere with the ferries.

    Bureaucracy - If you decide to live on a Greek island permanently, there is also a bureaucratic
    process involved with utility companies, purchasing or registering a car, opening bank
    accounts, and obtaining residency. However you only have to go though this process at the
    beginning and after you settle in you can enjoy the laid back lifestyle. Also don’t forget the
    language barrier. You can get by communicating in English however learning some Greek will
    be very beneficial. Remember that you can make your dream of living on a Greek Island come

    From the Author of: www.greekislandtraveler.com
    I’m originally from Samos and I reside currently in the United States. All the information was
    obtained from personal experiences, through discussions with people who live permanently in
    the Greek Island of Samos or part of the year (6 months in Samos and six months in USA),
    and research. Based on your lifestyle and desires you can make your dream come true to retire
    on a Greek Island! If you love history, tradition, sun, and fun the Greek Island of Samos is for
    E-mail me your comments & if you need more information.
Views of Pythagorio, Samos below
Views of Saint Holiday Festivities in Karlovasi, Samos below
Views of City of Samos in winter  below                                Village Leka,  Samos in winter
Views below of Potami Beach, Samos                    &           Kokkari Resort Shopping
Views below of Port of Karlovasi (Limani), Samos           City of Samos (Vathi)
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