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    Rhodes (Rodos), Greece
    Rhodes Island, the Isle of Roses, is the fourth largest of the Greek islands and the largest of the
    Dodecanese (twelve islands) group of islands in Greece. Rhodes Island, along with Santorini and
    Mykonos, is one of the world’s most famous top holiday destinations. Rhodes Island, a
    cosmopolitan holiday destination is located at the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea. The ancient
    Greeks used to call Rhodes "the Island of Sun". According to mythology, Rhodes was a lovely
    nymph, that Helios the Sun of God had fallen in love with Rhodes and when he shone his light on
    her she transform into an island.

    Rhodes Island, Greece is the capital of the Dodecanese islands and has a total population of
    approximately 130,000 and covering a total area of approximately 1,400 square kilometers (540
    square miles). Rhodes Island was influenced throughout history by several cultures and
    civilizations. Rhodes Island, Greece is situated geographically at the meeting point of three
    continents Europe, Asia, and Africa, and has evolved from many different influences both
    culturally and architecturally. When you visit Rhodes Island you will experience its diverse
    character, unique atmosphere, natural beauties, and rich history. Rhodes Island offers ancient
    ruins, classical temples, castles, and fortress walls as well as spectacular beaches, stunning
    scenery, sunshine, and cosmopolitan towns with modern resorts. During your holidays in the
    Greek Island of Rhodes you can experience the mystique of a medieval city, the sophistication of
    a cosmopolitan modern city as well as the quiet traditional resorts and quaint villages. Rhodes
    Town with a total population of approximately 60,000 is located at the northern tip of the island,
    and is the main city and capital of Rhodes Island, Greece. Rhodes Island also features numerous
    attractions outside the capital, 44 small villages and beach resorts. Rhodes Island offers almost any
    kind of holiday you could possibly want and has been a destination for international travelers for a
    long time.
                                WELCOME TO RHODES ISLAND, GREECE

    Why Rhodes Island is a perfect holiday destination? Rhodes Island,
    Greece offers ….

    •        Vibrant nightlife; activities & adventures;
    •        cosmopolitan towns, casino and modern luxury resorts;
    •        quiet towns and traditional villages;
    •        impressive rich culture and history;
    •        the best sandy beaches that Europe has to offer;
    •        abundant natural beauty;
    •        friendly people; and
    •        English is spoken everywhere.
                                              RHODES ISLAND TOP ATTRACTIONS
    Top attractions that you should not miss during your travel to Rhodes Island ,
    Greece …...
    Rhodes Town
    Rhodes Town in the Greek Island of Rhodes consists of the Old Town (Medieval Town) and
    Rhodes New Town (Modern Town).

    Rhodes Old Town (Medieval Town)

    Rhodes Island is famous for the walled Old Town, Europe's largest and oldest inhabited medieval
    city.  The Old Town of Rhodes was built in the 14th -15th century by the Knights of Saint John
    to protect the people of Rhodes from all sea and land dangers. The Medieval Town of Rhodes,
    known as the Old Town, which is a world heritage site listed by the UNESCO, is beautiful and
    remarkably well-preserved Gothic-style medieval walled city. The Old Town is built inside the  
    castle walls, which is divided into three quarters: the Knights; the Turkish; and the Jewish; The
    Rhodes Old Town is unique because the houses, restaurants, and shops are block buildings, built
    with colors matched to the walls of the castle. Walking through the Old Town's narrows passage
    ways and maze of alley ways, it's like walking in a different era, the Middle Ages. Most of the
    streets and lanes in Rhodes Old Town don’t have names, so you have to be careful of not getting
    lost. Give it at least a day to walk around and see what Rhodes Old Town has to offer. You can
    enter the Old Town from St. Mary’s Gate, St. Catherine’s Gate, Marina Gate, Arnaldo Gate,
    Arsenal Gate, Eleftherias Gate, St. Paul’s Gate, and St. John’s Gate. If you arriving to Rhodes
    Island on a cruise, cruise ships dock at the Commercial Port to the east of the Old Town, which is
    only a few minutes walk away.

    In Rhodes Old Town, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes (Castello)
    dominates the landscape. In the Palace of the Grand Masters, you will be able to see a collection
    of 16th and 17th century furniture and beautiful Roman mosaic floors. Walking through the Street
    of the Knights you can admire the restored buildings and magnificent architecture. In the Old
    Town you can visit many monuments, Suleiman Mosque, St. George’s Tower, pretty squares
    with fountains, parks, many churches, Byzantine Museum, and Archaeological Museum. In the
    Archaeological Museum in the Old Town (Medieval City) of Rhodes which was built in 1440
    by the Grand Master De Lastic, you will be able to see a magnificent collection of archaeological
    artifacts from the island. You also will be able to visit the Jewish Museum of Rhodes, which is
    adjacent to the Kahal Shalom Synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Old Town. In the Jewish
    quarter, which is close to St. Catherine’s gate, there is a Square (Plateia Evreon in Greek) which
    has a magnificent fountain with bronze sea horses. Rhodes Old Town is a paradise for shopping
    lovers. There are many stores within the streets and alleys of Old Town. There you can find
    classic and modern designs of gold and silver jewelry, a great quality of leather goods, and
    handmade rugs. Walking in the Old Town you will also find a lot of shops with fine reproductions
    of ancient statues, vases, antique rugs, furniture, paintings and fine porcelain items. In the Turkish
    quarter of the Old Town, which is located at Socrates Street, parallel to the Avenue of the
    Knights, you will find the Turkish Bazaar with many shops that sell rugs and jewelry. Also, in the
    Old Town you will be able to find many tavernas, restaurants, and cafés as well as
    accommodations. There is an Internet Café at the Square of the Jewish Quarter in Old Town, the
    Cosmo Net-Internet Café.

    Rhodes Modern Town
    Rhodes is famous for the Colossus of Rhodes. Rhodes Island during the antiquity grew into a
    flourishing regional trade and cultural center, hosting one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient
    World, the Colossus of Rhodes. It was a bronze statue of the Greek Titan Helios in the ancient
    harbor of Rhodes, which straddled the entrance to where today is the Mandraki marina.  It stood
    30 meters (707 feet) high. It was the tallest of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Today at
    the entrance of the Mandraki marina, where the Colossus of Rhodes stood, are two columns
    surmounted by two bronze deer, one male and one female.

    Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece has a modern infrastructure for communications and
    transportation and has the amenities and services of a modern city. Rhodes Modern Town is very
    well organized to make life for tourists more comfortable and to give you an unforgettable
    Mediterranean holiday. Rhodes Town offers luxury hotels and resorts, including the Casino
    Rodos which is housed inside the Hotel of the Roses, the Aquarium, New Market (Nea Agora),
    beautiful buildings such as the Town Hall, Mosque of Murat Reis, shopping, cosmopolitan sandy
    beaches such as the famous blue water Elli Beach in the north and beautiful Psaropoula Beach,
    vibrant nightlife, restaurants with Greek and international cuisine, cafés including a “Starbucks”
    close to the post office and new market.

    In Rhodes Modern Town you will also find Ancient Rhodes. The northern part of the city,
    which is triangular in shape, is surrounded by sea and is where ancient Rhodes is located. On the
    top of the hill of Agios Stephanos (Monte Smith) is the ancient restored theater, stadium, and
    ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo. The main attraction is the remains of the ancient
    Acropolis of Rhodes which was built during the Hellenistic period (between the third and second
    century BC).  There are many organized tours such as the city tramp, which takes you to the
    ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, and is only 3 km from the city center of Rhodes Town.

    Lindos Town
    Lindos, Rhodes, Greece is famous for the Acropolis of Lindos. A visit to Rhodes Island will not
    be complete without venturing south east to Lindos village; a picturesque settlement nestled on a
    verdant hillside about 50km from Rhodes Town. Lindos village with its cube whitewashed houses,
    cobbled stone streets is built on a hill and its medieval character is well preserved. Lindos narrow
    cobbled streets are filled with shops selling traditional ceramic pottery and handmade leather
    goods. The Byzantine church of Agios Paulos (Saint Paul) has many 18th century fresco's to
    admire. You will pass through the Doric style Stoa and the Propylea through terraced street which
    leads to the Acropolis. The Acropolis stands at the top of the hill, where you will find ancient ruins
    from the Temple of Athena Lindias.  From the top of the hill you will enjoy enchanting views of
    Lindos bay. Lindos village has become a popular place for the rich and famous to purchase their
    holiday homes in recent years. In Lindos you will find excellent tavernas, restaurants and cafés, as
    well as accommodations. Lindos has beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy for an unforgettable
    holiday. There is a public bus that takes you from the city center of Rhodes town to Lindos, as
    well as organized tours. The best way to visit and tour Lindos is to rent car for a day and also
    enjoy the famous Lindos Beach.

    Valley of the Butterflies
    The valley of the butterflies “Petaloudes” is a unique Natural Park with lakes, waterfalls and
    picturesque bridges located about 27 km from Rhodes Town. Thousands of colorful butterflies
    appear here every year from mid June till the end of September. There are organized tours that
    take you to the Valley of the Butterflies from the city center of Rhodes Town.

    Rhodes Island Beaches
    Rhodes, Greece is not only fun for cultural and historical tourism purposes. Rhodes Island offers
    the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Most of the beaches in Rhodes Island have been awarded
    the European Union blue flag, an environmental award for clean, crystal clear waters, which are
    world famous. Most of the beaches are sandy and organized with umbrellas, sun beds, water
    sports, cafés and tavernas. The best beaches are located at the east coast of Rhodes Island in
    small coves and bays. Rhodes Island offers both cosmopolitan beaches as well as secluded quiet
    sandy  beaches. Some of the beaches to the north are the best beaches for wind surfing. You can
    reach most of the island’s beaches by bus from the city center of Rhodes Town. Read more about
    Rhodes Beaches.


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