Rhodes Island, Greece offers the best beaches in the Mediterranean. The majority of Rhodes
    Island beaches fly the blue flag for environmentally crystal clear water beaches. Rhodes Island
    offers beautiful sandy beaches throughout the island and the best beaches in Greece. The west
    coast of the island, Aegean Sea, tends to have stronger winds and is perfect for wind surfers. On
    the east coast of Rhodes Island, Mediterranean Sea the water is calm and much better for
    swimming. Most of the beaches in Rhodes Island, Greece are sandy and are organized with sun
    beds, umbrellas, restaurants, tavernas, cafés, and water sports.
                                           RHODES ISLAND BEACHES

    Elli Beach is located in Rhodes Town at the most northern tip of the city and Rhodes Island,
    Greece. Elli Beach with its impressive blue color is the most photographed beach in Greece, which
    is very popular with tourists and locals. Elli Beach, the beach of Rhodes, is a sandy beach and
    very cosmopolitan with the towering hotels, Casino, and Aquarium in the background. There are
    many restaurants, cafés, bars, and tavernas near by  Elli Beach in Rhodes Town, Greece.

    Ixia Beach is located 4 km south west of Rhodes Town and is a favorite beach for wind surfers.
    Ixia Beach is very close to Rhodes Town and offers many hotels, restaurants, cafés and
    magnificent sunsets. Ixia Beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles and is an ideal spot for water
    sports. Ixia Beach in Rhodes, Greece is an organized beach with services, sun beds and umbrellas.

    Ialissos Beach is located 10 km south west of Rhodes Town. It’s very similar to Ixia Beach, with
    hotels, restaurants, cafés and is a paradise for wind surfers. Ialissos Beach in Rhodes, Greece is an
    organized beach with facilities, sun beds and umbrellas.

    Kalithea Beach is located 7 km south east of Rhodes Town. Kalithea Beach is ideal for
    sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and also wind surfing. Kalithea Bay has more than 30
    species of fish and plants and is the best place in the island for diving. Kallithea Beach is an
    organized beach with facilities, sun beds and umbrellas. Kalithea Beach in Rhodes, Greece is a
    beautiful beach with pine trees which stretch down to the sea.

    Faliraki Beach is located at north east of Rhodes Island, 12 km south east from Rhodes Town.
    Faliraki Beach with its crystal clear water is considered one of the best beaches in Greece. The
    sandy beach of Faliraki is 5 km long, very lively and organized with lots of sun beds and umbrellas
    to rent. Faliraki Beach has a very good size water park.  Faliraki Beach is one of the island’s
    biggest resorts, with many hotel complexes along an endless sandy beach and an ideal place for
    water sports. Faliraki has a great nightlife and offers bars, clubs, restaurants, cafés and is very
    popular with young people. Faliraki has many yachts and boats that you could rent.  Faliraki Beach
    in Rhodes, Greece can also be reached by boat from Mandraki Marina in Rhodes Town.

    Anthony Quinn Beach is located 3 km south of Faliraki. It’s also a 15 minutes walk from the
    hotels, a beautiful quiet beach with green surroundings. The ‘The Guns of Navarone” 1961 movie,
    was filmed at the Anthony Quinn Beach and the beach has been named after the actor Anthony
    Quinn who played the leading role in the movie. The beach is very pretty and one of the most
    beautiful in Rhodes Island, Greece with its impressive colors and crystal clear water.  

    Ladiko Beach which is located next to Anthony Quinn Beach is as beautiful sandy beach, small,
    relaxing, surrounded by trees, hills, and pebbles.  Ladiko Beach in Rhodes Island, Greece is
    organized with sun beds, umbrellas, and has a taverna.

    Afandou Beach is located 22 km south east of Rhodes Town. Afandou Beach is a long stretched
    beach, 5 km long, with fine sand and pebbles. Afandou Beach offers crystal clear sea, hotels,
    tavernas, sun beds, and umbrellas. The near by Afandou Village is one of the oldest villages in
    Rhodes Island and famous for its olive oil and oranges. There are also many cultural events that
    are celebrated here in the village including the August 15 holiday. Afandou Village in Rhodes
    Island, Greece is also famous for the 18-hole golf course, which is open all year round.

    Tsambika Beach is located 26 km south east of Rhodes Town, near Archangelos Village, which is
    the largest village in Rhodes Island, Greece. Tsambika Beach, a fine golden sandy beach, is very
    large and one of the most popular in the island. It is an organized beach with sun beds umbrellas,
    water sports, tavernas, restaurants and the water is crystal clear, shallow, and warm, ideal for
    swimming. Tsambika Beach took its name from the near by monastery, which stands high on a
    hill, the Monastery of Panagia Tsambika. Also, the near by village of Archangelos, which is
    famous for its traditional crafts, great cuisine, the Church of Archangelos, Michael Angelo, old bell
    tower, and beautiful traditional houses it’s a great place to walk around and spend an afternoon
    after a fun day at the Tsambika Beach, Rhodes, Greece.

    Stegna Beach  is located 29 km south east of Rhodes Town. Stegna Beach is a quiet beach with
    sand and pebbles, with a picturesque harbor, water sports, some tavernas, and a few
    accommodations. Stegna Beach is a small beach, with traditional Greek atmosphere and is located
    very close to Archangelos Village. Stegna Beach in Rhodes Island, Greece is an organized beach
    with umbrellas, sun beds, and water sports.

    Lindos Beach is located 49 km from Rhodes Town in the south eastern coast of Rhodes Island,
    near Lindos Town. After visiting the Acropolis of Lindos in Lindos Town, you can make your
    way to Lindos beach. Lindos Beach is the best known beach on the island of Rhodes, Greece.
    Lindos Beach is a beautiful sandy beach with calm crystal clear water, with great views of Lindos
    Town and the Acropolis of Lindos, which stands up high above the Castle of the Knights. It is a
    cosmopolitan organized beach with facilities, sun beds, umbrellas, tavernas, and water sports. Due
    to its popularity Lindos Beach in Rhodes Island, Greece is a bit crowded, during the pick touristy
    season in July and August.

    Prasonissi Beach is located 90 km from Rhodes Town at the most southern part of Rhodes
    Island. Prasonissi Beach is a paradise for wind surfers. Prassonissi Beach is actually an island
    connected to the main body of Rhodes Island by a long sandbank. Prasonissi Beach offers calm
    sea at the east side of the sandbank, and waves with strong winds usually at the west side of the
    sandbank which is ideal for wind surfers. Prasonissi Beach, in Rhodes Island, Greece offers
    facilities, sun beds, umbrellas, as well as some tavernas.

    Rhodes Island, Greece Beaches

    Rhodes, Greece is your best beach holiday destination
    in the Mediterranean.

    Rhodes Island offers sandy beaches, cosmopolitan
    beaches, crystal clear blue flag beaches, & quiet
    secluded beaches with natural beauty.



                         WELCOME TO THE GREEK ISLAND OF RHODES !

    Rhodes Island, Greece is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek
    Island lifestyle.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Rhodes, where you can enjoy the crystal clear
    Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine and the warm hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy
    the Greek Island culture!!!

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