Rhodes Island Travel Guide

    Rhodes (Rodos) Island, Greece, offers the best resorts & hotels in the Mediterranean, excursions,
    cruises, & great tourism infrastructure. In the Greek Island of Rhodes, you can enjoy the crystal
    clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine with the warm hospitality of friendly people.
    Enjoy !!!

    My travel guides to Rhodes Island, Greece will show you ....

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    When to visit Rhodes Island

    Rhodes Island, Greece has a unique warm Mediterranean climate with more sunny days, 300 days
    of sunshine annually, than any other place in Europe. You can expect endless blue skies, with
    hardly any clouds in the sky during your summer holidays in Rhodes Island. Winter time in Rhodes
    Island is mild but wet. Average temperatures range from upper 50’s in January to mid 90’s during
    the summer months. If you like hot dry weather and you don't mind the crowds July & August is
    the best time to visit Rhodes Island. If you like a little cooler weather the best time to visit Rhodes is
    in late spring, early summer and fall. Early June is a great time to visit Rhodes, if you wish to see
    the amazing natural spectacle of colorful clouds of butterflies comes to settle in the shady trees to
    breed at the Valley of the Butterflies, “Petaloudes”, which is a truly special annual event. In
    September, after the crowds of tourists go away and the temperatures are pleasant is a perfect time
    to explore the Old Town in Rhodes and stroll through the narrow cobbled streets discovering all
    sorts of fascinating buildings, monuments, and shopping treasures.

    Rhodes Town - Hotels
    5 Star hotels
    Rodos Park Suites
    Avalon (Old Town)
    4 Star hotels
    Angela Suites
    Blue Sky
    Plaza Best Western
    Fashion Hotel Nikos Takis (Old Town)
    Saint Nikolis (Old Town)
    3 Star hotels
    Maril Rodos
    Rodos Beach
    2 Star hotels
    Ixia – Hotels
    5 Star hotels
    The Ixian Grand
    Sheraton Rhodes Resort
    Olympic Palace
    Rodian Amathus Beach Hotel
    Rodos Palace
    Sofitel Capsis
    4 Star hotels
    Avra Beach
    Belair Beach
    Mare Blue Cosmopolitan
    Sirene Beach

    How to get to Rhodes Island, Greece

    Travel by plane to the Greek island of Rhodes.
    The international airport (Diagoras International Airport) in Rhodes Island, Greece is located near
    the Paradisi Village, 14 km from Rhodes Town (approximately 20 minutes drive), in the west coast
    of Rhodes Island, Greece.
    The airport on Rhodes has both domestic and international flights. Rhodes airport (RHO) has daily
    charter flights from many European cities as well as Cyprus, Tel Aviv, and Cairo. If you are
    traveling from European cities, May through October, you will be able to find direct flights to
    Rhodes Island, Greece from UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Holland,
    Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Check Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and
    many more. Rhodes airport is one of the best airports outside of Athens in Greece and the fourth
    busiest airport in Greece. Rhodes airport just reported over 16 percent increase in charter flights
    arrivals in May 2011 compared to a year ago.
    Aegean Airways and Olympic Air have daily direct scheduled flights to Rhodes airport (RHO) from
    Athens (ATH) as well as some direct flights from Thessaloniki, all year round. Rhodes also has
    flight connections to other Greek islands such as Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Samos, Kos, Chios,
    and Limnos.
    The flight from Athens to Rhodes is about 55 minutes and is the quicker and easier way to get to
    Rhodes Island. There is public transportation from Rhodes airport to Rhodes Town and other
    destinations, as well as taxi services. Also, rent a car companies are located in the airport.
    Rhodes airport information Tel: +30 22410 88700.  

    Travel by ship to the Greek island of Rhodes.
    Rhodes Island, Greece is 270 nautical miles from Piraeus Port (Athens). Rhodes Island has an
    excellent ferry-boat connection with the Port of Piraeus near Athens. The ferries to Rhodes and
    Dodecanese islands depart from Gate E1 in Akti Vassiliadi, Piraeus, Greece. It’s easy to get from
    Athens and Athens airport with the Metro to Piraeus Port. At the Port of Piraeus, there is a free bus
    service that takes you from the Metro station to the ferry-boat's departure Gate. The ferry-boat, in
    Rhodes Island, Greece docks at the Mandraki Commercial Port, in Rhodes Town.

    Rhodes Island is connected with Piraeus Port (Athens), Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, and the
    Greek islands of Kalymnos, Kos, Nisyros, Astypalea, Tilos, Paros ,Naxos, Patmos, Leros, Syros,
    Kastelorizo, Symi, Kos, Kalymnoss, Karpathos, Lipsi, Patmos, Agathonisi, Samos, Chios, Crete,
    Santorini, Tilos, Syros, Naxos, Milos, & Lesvos. The ferry boat from Piraeus Port to Rhodes Port
    takes about 12 hours however if you take one of the new  more modern luxury power ships the trip
    will take about 3 hours less. Rhodes Island has also ferry-boat connections with international ports
    of Limassol - Cyprus, Haifa - Israel, Alexandria - Egypt and Ancona - Italy.

    Port Authorities Rhodes Tel: +30 22410 28666, 28888, 22220
    Port Authority Piraeus Tel: +30 210-4226000

    Cruises to Rhodes Island
    You can discover Rhodes Island, Greece, its true beauty and history, by cruising with world famous
    cruise lines. The cosmopolitan Greek Island of Rhodes has been one of the most popular cruise-
    ship destinations in the world. If you enjoy cruising, the Greek Island of Rhodes is your top travel
    cruise destination.
    Most of the eastern Mediterranean cruises will visit Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and Cyprus. In
    Greece, cruise ships will typically stop in Athens, Corfu, Crete, Katakolon, Mykonos, Rhodes, and
    Royal Caribbean International has the majority of cruise-ships in Eastern Mediterranean, followed
    by Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Crystal Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises. Most Eastern
    Mediterranean cruises depart from either Venice or Civitavecchia, near Rome, Piraeus, near
    Athens, and some from Barcelona or London.
    In 2012 (July-September), Costa Atlantica cruise-ship will depart Rhodes Island every Thursday
    night for a 7 day cruise to Crete, Kos, Samos, Izmir (Turkey), Mykonos, & Santorini Greece. See
    Samos cruises for more ...
    Cruise-ships dock at the Commercial Port of Rhodes Town, east of the Old Town. See Rhodes
    Island top attractions to choose your excursions.

    Rhodes Island Hotels

    Rhodes Island offers the best resorts in the Mediterranean and all over Greece. Rhodes Island has
    many luxury hotels, boutique hotels, beach villas and spas, as well as quiet, and budget oriented
    places to choose from for your accommodations. The hotels below are grouped by location and
    desired (*) category. You can search and read reviews about the hotels for free below. Also, you
    can book on line below after you make your own choices based on your desires.

    Ialyssos – Hotels
    4 Star hotels
    Atlantica Princess
    Blue Bay
    Electa Palace
    Ialyssos Bay
    Sun Beach Resort
    3 Star hotels
    Pylea Beach
    Faliraki - Hotels
    5 Star hotels
    Esperos Village
    Rodos Palladium
    4 Star hotels
    Apollo Beach
    Blue Sea Beach
    Esperides Beach
    Esperos Palace
    Grecotel Rodos Royal
    Luca Faliraki
    Sun Palace
    2 Star hotels
    Mon Repo
    Kalithea - Hotels
    5 Star hotels
    La Marquise
    Paradise Royal Mare
    The Kresten Royal
    4 Star hotels
    Kalithea Mare
    Kresten Palace
    3 Star hotels
    Kalithea Sun and Sky
    Lindos – Hotels
    4 Star hotels
    Lindos Bay
    Lindos Village
    3 Star hotels
    Lindos Sun
    Pefkos Garden

    Rhodes Island Excursions (Day Trips)

    Rhodes Island - Rhodes Town, Greece is very well organized and offers great tourism
    infrastructure, in terms of excursions, day trips, cruises, & sightseeing tours.
    You can take from  Rhodes Town, city center, daily excursions to Rhodes Island, near by islands,
    & Turkey. Also, you can take half-day Rhodes City Tours, half-day Valley of the Butterflies
    Tours, full-day Rhodes Island Tours, and a full-day Rhodes Island (Kalithea - Seven Springs -
    Lindos) Tours.
                                                     Excursions - Day-Cruises
  • From Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes Town, you can take a day - cruise to the near by islands of Symi
    and Panormitis.

  • From Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes Town, you can take a day - cruise to Kos Island.
    Both day trips above depart  daily around 9:00 AM and return in the afternoon around 5:30 PM.

  • From Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes Town, you can take a day - cruise daily to the bays and beautiful
    beaches of Rhodes Island (Anthony Quinn Bay, Ladiko Bay, Kalithea Bay, and Tsambika
    Beach, Stegna Beach, Afandou Beach).

  • You can take a day - cruise to Marmaris Harbor, Turkey, where you can discover the oriental
    Mediterranean and shop at the bazaars. The cruise to Marmaris, Turkey departs Mandraki Rhodes
    Town Port daily around 8:00 AM and returns to Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece in the afternoon.  


    Rhodes Island, Greece travel guide.

    Rhodes, Greece is your perfect Greek island holiday

    Rhodes Island offers the best resorts in the
    Mediterranean, cosmopolitan lifestyle, excursions, cruises,
    luxury hotels, & great tourism infrastructure.

                             WELCOME TO THE GREEK ISLAND OF RHODES !

    Rhodes Island, Greece is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek
    Island lifestyle.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Rhodes, where you can enjoy the crystal clear
    Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine and the warm hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy
    the Greek Island culture!!!

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