Welcome Aegean Sailing Rally to
    Pythagorio - Samos, Greece!

    Sailing in the Greek Islands
    The Greek islands of Samos, Kos, and Rhodes are
    one of the most famous yachting destinations in the
    world. Sailing from Samos in the Eastern Aegean Sea
    you can discover unspoiled Greek islands off the
    beaten track as well as famous cosmopolitan Greek
    Island destinations.  It is also the best way to discover
    the western Turkish coast from Kusadasi, Bordrum
    and Marmaris. If you enjoy sailing, Samos Island is
    for your summer sailing holidays. You can discover
    small laid-back Greek island destinations (Samiopoula,
    Agathonisi, Arki, Leros, and Lipsi), beautiful beach
    destinations, quaint fishing villages and historic sites.
    There are castles, fortresses, monasteries, temples,
    and churches perch on hilltops while at the ports and
    towns you will experience vibrant cosmopolitan areas,
    with intimate cafes, tavernas and nightclubs to
    explore. You can find many charter companies to
    charter a sailing yacht from Pythagorio - Samos new
    marina, Kos new marina or Mandrake - Rhodes
    marina for your summer sailing holidays.
                                                   International Aegean Sailing Rally

    Samos Island is a perfect sailing destination in the world, and as a result the Aegean Sailing Rally
    takes place every year in Pythagorio, Samos, Greece. Contestants from all over Greece and abroad
    compete in the country's oldest and most prestigious sailing regatta. Although the sailing route
    encompasses a number of islands, the Greek island of Samos, close to the Turkish coast, is surely
    one of the most scenic landmarks on the itinerary. The Aegean rally is a nationwide sailing festival
    with many glamorous events preceding and following the regatta. From super yachts and sport-
    racers to classics, all vessels great and small participate. The event is organized by the Hellenic
    Offshore Racing Club (HORC). The overall distance covered varies between 250 and 400 nautical
    miles, depending on the itinerary.

                                                        Aegean Sailing Rally

    The 2012 Aegean Sailing Rally will take place between May 18th and June 2nd. The Greek island of
    Samos is already looking forward to the 2012 arrangements and festivities for the 2012 Aegean
    Rally, which is one of the highlights of the sailing season in the island. The unique combination of
    the Greek islands between Samos and Kos and the Turkish coast between Bodrum and Marmaris
    provide the backdrop for this exciting sailing experience. The 49th Aegean Sailing Rally starts on
    May 18, 2012 in Instabul, Turkey and sails to Kusadasi, Turkey. The Rally arrives to
    Pythagorio, Samos, Greece on May 20, 2012. The first race takes place from Pythagorio,
    Samos to Arki Island on May 22, 2012. Then the rally continues from Arki to the Greek islands
    of Patmos, Lipsos, & Kalymnos and then continues on to Bodrum & Marmaris Turkey. More
    information will be posted as soon as it becomes available regarding the festivities in Samos.
    The Aegean Sailing rally in 2013 will start on Friday July 19 in Faliro (near Athens) then will go to
    Syros, Patmos, Koufonisi (near Naxos Island) & back to Sounio.

Pythagorio Port, Samos Island, Greece

    Sailing  in the Greek Islands

    Samos, Kos, and Rhodes, Greece are the most famous
    islands in the world for sailing.

    The Greek islands is your perfect summer sailing holiday.


    Samos is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Samos and nearby Greek islands off the beaten path,
    where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine with the warm
    hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy Sailing the Greek Islands !!!

                                                                   Ports & Marinas
    Samos Island:
    Samos Town port & marina
    Karlovassi port (limani) & Karlovassi new marina
    Pythagorio port & Pythagorio new marina
    Kos Island:
    Kos new marina
    Symi Island:
    Symi Harbor
    Rhodes Island:
    Mandraki marina
    Rhodes Town port

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    Greek Islands Sailing Weather
    The best time for sailing in the Greek islands is May, June, September, and October. During July
    and August the winds, "meltemia" in Greek, are strong but only last around 4 to 7 days. In the
    Nothern Aegean Sea the winds blow from NE and in the South Aegean Sea (Dodecanese islands)
    blow from NW.
    Due to "meltemia" is best to sail south to the Dodecanese islands from Samos Island during July and
    August. Read more about the weather in the Greek Islands.
Right Views of the Harbor of
Symi Island, Greece

                                   AEGEAN SAILING REGATTA

    The 2011 Aegean Sailing Regatta will take place on August 21, 2011 from Karlovassi, Samos and
    will end on Rhodes Island on August 26, 2011. The Aegean Sailing Regatta is 140 nautical miles
    route with stops at Lakki on Leros Island and Paloi on Nisyros, Island, Greece.

    The opening ceremony is on Saturday August 20, 2011 at 9:00 PM. Also, on Friday August 19, 2011
    there is a beach party in Potami Beach near Karlovassi at 9:00 PM.

    Schedule Races:
  • 1st Race - August 21 Offshore from Karlovassi, Samos to Lakki, Leros, Island
  • 2nd Race- August 23 Offshore from Lakki, Leros to Paloi, Nisyros
  • 3rd Race- August 25  Offshore from Paloi, Nisyros to Rhodes
  • 4th & 5th Race Inshore on August 26, 2011

    The awards giving ceremony will take place on Friday, August 26, 2011 at 9 PM in Rhodes Island,

    2011 Aegean Sailing Rally
    The 2011 Aegean Sailing Rally will take place from July 15 through the 25th. The rally starts and
    ends in Faliro Bay near Athens, with stops at the islands of Amorgos, Samos, and Oinousses. On
    Monday July 18, 2011 the 37 sailing boats will arrive in Samos Island, in the port of Pythagorio. As
    usual social events, festivities, and ceremonies will take place in Samos Island. On Wednesday July
    20th, the Aegean Sailing Rally program includes an off shore competitive race in Pythagorio Samos,
    Greece, which is followed by a social occasion that will feature the local cuisine and wines. On
    Thursday July 21, 2011 the boats are sailing off to the island of Oinousses, which is located between
    Chios Island and the Turkish coast.

Views of Pythagorio, Samos above
Right Views of Lemonakia Beach,
Kokkari, Samos
Views of Samos Island Karlovassi Marina & Pythagorio Harbor above
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