Why people fall in love with Samos
    Island, Greece? It's simple due to ...

    •        Fantastic Weather
    •        Beautiful Beaches
    •        Great Resorts
    •        Spectacular Scenery
    •        Gorgeous Mountains
    •        Friendly People
    •        Fabulous Flora and Fauna
    •        Authentic Greek cuisine
    •        Panoramic views
    •        Magnificent Sunsets
    •        Stress Free Lifestyle

    Samos (Samo), Greece known as the "Green Aegean Island" is part of the Northern Aegean islands
    (Thasos, Lesbos, Limnos, Chios, Ikaria, Samos). Samos Island is situated at the Eastern Aegean Sea and
    is located at a very close distance to the Turkish coastline and the Port of Kusadasi. See map for more
    info. The Island of Samos covers an area of 476 sq. km. (approximately 185 sq. Miles), has a coastline
    of 159 km and has approximately 35,000 population.
    Samos Island, Greece is the homeland of Pythagoras, philosopher/mathematician  and  Aristarchus,
    astronomer. It is also the birthplace of Goddess Hera, wife of Zeus. The Greek Island of Samos was
    Anthony and Cleopatra's favorite vacation spot. The romantic aura of Samos lives on today in this
    popular honeymoon spot. In the ancient times, Samos Island was one of the wealthiest places in the
    Aegean. Today, Samos is known more for its scenic riches and typical laid-back Greek lifestyle. Samos,
    Greece has become an ideal place for holidays and attracts many tourists each year. The super-rich and
    famous also love visiting Samos Island. They like to stay at the luxury private hotel, Marnei Mare private
    villas, which is located West of Karlovassi between Potami and Megalo Seitani Beach. According to the
    locals in the summer of 2010, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie visited the beautiful Greek Island of Samos.

    Samos, Greece weather is fantastic and people living or spending their summer holidays in Samos can
    expect endless blue skies, with hardly any clouds in the sky, and peak season temperatures generally at
    around 30-35C (87-95F). With its warm Mediterranean climate, Samos enjoys 300 days of sunshine
    annually, which is one of the longest periods of sunshine in Greece. Due to many high mountains, there is
    a lot of rainfall in Samos during the winter months, which keeps the landscape lush and green.  Winters
    are mild as well, with most annual rainfall in Samos falling during the months of December and January.
    Samos Island features impressive rock formations, caves, waterfalls, pine trees, olive trees, citrus trees,
    and great vineyards, where the famous wines of Samos are produced from muscat grapes. Its gorgeous
    sandy and mixed sand & pebble beaches, crystal clear waters, monasteries, archaeological sites and tall
    venturous mountains, make Samos the ideal destination for unforgettable vacation. Traditional small
    villages complete the Aegean Island atmosphere, with their characteristic architecture, magnificent views
    and laid back lifestyle.

    Holidays in Samos Island will offer an authentic Greek experience. If you like walking, Samos offers
    plenty of great scenery from olive groves to lush mountain views. Samos is also an island, which
    combines history with stunning natural beauty.  During your travel in Samos, Greece remember to
    include the Potami Beach sunset from St. Nicolas Chapel near Karlovassi Town.

    In Samos, Greece you can charter a sailing yacht to explore the entire island of Samos, and nearby Greek
    Islands of Patmos, Lipsi, Leros, and Kos, which are the most famous yachting destinations worldwide.

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    Samos Island, Greece

    Samos Island, Greece is the right spot for
    relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying the taste of
    Greek Island lifestyle.

    Samos is a popular vacation destination.

                  Award Winning Samos Island, Greece 2010 / Philoxenia Tourism
    On November 20, 2010, Samos Island won the number One Award  as the most popular tourist
    destination and an award for environmentally friendly by Philoxenia Tourism.


                                        SAMOS ISLAND TOP ATTRACTIONS
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    Where to stay in Samos?
    You could stay at the resort towns of Pythagorio, Kokkari or Samos Town where there are many
    comfortable hotels, tavernas, cafés, shopping & entertainment. Samos resorts have everything that a
    tourist might want. There are also other less touristy quaint towns with hotel accommodations, beautiful
    beaches, tavernas & cafés such as Karlovassi, Marathokambos, Agios Konstantinos, & Ireon. For
    information on hotel accommodations and online booking please go to travel guides or search below to
    see hotel photos, reviews as well as prices to find out which hotel is the right one for your holidays.




    Samos island is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island
    lifestyle. See best itinerary recommendations.

    This is your best travel guide to Samos Island, Greece and nearby Greek islands off the beaten
    track, where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine with
    the warm hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy the Greek Island culture !!!
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Old Karlovassi Town, Samos Island, Greece
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