Samos Archaeological Museum is located in in Samos Town (Vathi) - The Archaeological
    Museum is considered as one of the most important museums in Greece and the finest outside of
    Athens. The museum contains the marble sculpture of “Kouros” (male youth) which is 5.5 meters
    high and the largest statue of “Kouros” in Greece. The museum has many exhibits from the Archaic,
    Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. Also many masterpiece items from the excavations of the
    temple of Hera are included in the museum. The museum has two buildings, a neoclassical (original)
    and a modern one. Open: Tuesday-Sunday: 08:30-15:00 / Monday closed /Phone# 30-22730-27469

    Archaeological Museum Pythagorio- The museum is located next to the Town Hall building in
    Pythagorio. It contains many exhibits such as columns from the archaic period, portraits of Roman
    emperors and pottery (9th – 2nd century BC). The most impressive exhibit is the marble seated
    statue of “Aiaka”, which was dedicated to Goddess Hera. Another impressive exhibit is
    “Sacrophagus” from 6th century BC. Open: Tuesday – Saturday 9:00AM – 14:00PM &Sunday 10:
    00AM – 14:00PM / Phone# 30-22730-61400

    Paleontological Museum /Museum of Natural History- The museum is located in the Village of
    Mytilini. The museum contains exhibits of prehistoric animals such as Mediterranean horses and
    hippos. There are also Mineralogical, Geological, Botanical, and Zoological exhibits. The fossil brain
    of small horse (pony) from 13 million years ago is the most valuable exhibit of the museum. There
    are also bone exhibits of Samokerus, Samothirio, Elladothirio, Deinotherio, and Machairodontus. It
    is the only Paleontological museum in Greece. Open: Tuesday – Saturday 9:00AM-14:00PM &
    Sunday 10:00AM-14:00PM / Phone# 30-22730-52055

    Byzantine Museum /Ecclesiastical Museum -The museum is located in the Metropolis (Cathedral)
    in Samos Town and consists of two halls. It houses significant ecclesiastical objects from the
    Byzantine and post-Byzantine period. The museum contains relics which belong to the island's
    monasteries, manuscripts, books, utensils, icons, and shrines. There is an exhibit of icons, some of
    which are the works of the famous hagiographer Poulakis. Also, the ecclesiastical library of Samos is
    housed in the same building.
    Archaeological sites
    Temple of Hera (Heraion) is located between the Samos airport and the Village of Ireon. The
    Temple of Hera was built in 580 BC for Zeus's wife, Hera, and it was four times the size of the
    Parthenon. It was located 5 kilometers west of the ancient city of Samos. A tiled road (Sacred Road)
    4 meters wide with statues and other votive offerings connected the ancient city (Pythagorio) with
    the temple. The two-winged temple had 133 columns and was built by the architect Theodoros. It
    was 108.73 meters long, 54.8 meters wide and 25 meters high. Today only one column remains
    from the temple and that is why the area is also called “kolona” (column).
    Heraion is open Tuesday-Sunday 8:30AM to 3:00PM (closed Mondays).

    The Eupalinio Tunnel (Origma) is thought as the peak of technical creativity of ancient Samos and
    one of the greatest achievements of the entire ancient world. The Eupalinio Tunnel was constructed
    in 550 BC, during the period of Polycrates, by Eupalinios engineer from Megara, to bring water to
    the ancient capital city of Samos (Pythagorio). The Tunnel was excavated from both ends of the
    mountan and it is the first with a geometry-based approach in doing so. Being also the longest tunnel
    of its time, the Eupalinio Tunnel was a remarkable 1,036 meters (3400 ft) long. It is considered as
    the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World.The Tunnel still exists and is considered the most famous
    hydraulic work of ancient Greece. Today it is a popular tourist attraction. The Tunnel is located at
    the foot of mountain (Monastery Spiliani), 700 meters from the City of Pythagorio.
    Eupalinio Tunnel is open April to October from 8:00AM to 2:00PM (closed Mondays).

    Ancient Theater - The ruins of the Ancient Theater Pythagorio is located at the foot of a mountain
    (Monasteri Spiliani). During the summer theater plays, ancient tragedies and concerts take place at
    the Ancient Theater.
    Cathedrals, Monasteries, and Castles
    Monastery Spiliani -  The Monastery of “Panagia Spiliani” (Virgin Mary of the Cave), which is
    dedicated to Virgin Mary, is located on the mountain next to Pythagorio. The Monastery has a small
    church inside a cave. From the monastery you can see ancient ruins of the old town below as well as
    magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the City of Pythagorio.
    Folk Art Museum Nikolaos Dimitriou is located near Doryssa Bay Hotel, in Pythagorio. Exhibits
    represent everyday life prior to 1940. In the museum the tools of traditional professionals and
    craftsmen are exhibited, such as the shepherd, the fisherman, the shoemaker, and a basket maker.
    There is an exhibit of a typical Samian house during the 1930’s including a collection of embroideries
    and dresses. In the courtyard of the museum replicas of workshops have been erected, containing
    original tools from the village’s traditional professions: the blacksmith, the potter, the sack-maker,
    the carpenter, the cooper, the tobacco elaboration spaces, as well as the winery with its wine-press
    and the distiller in the basement. Open: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00AM – 13:30PM / Phone#30-22730-

    Folk Art Museum (Karlovassi) is located near the square (Platea), in Karlovassi.   Its exhibits
    cover the time period from 1870 until 1955 and document the everyday life of the thriving urban
    population, as well as the life of the rural populations of the island. In the beginning of the 20th
    century Karlovassi flourished due to tobacco and tannery industries. The museum contains exhibits
    of porcelain decorative objects of great value, carved mirrors, couches and impressive outfits that
    the ladies of the upper class used to wear.
    Open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00AM-13PM / Free admission.

    Tannery Museum is located in Karlovassi Bay.                                                                           
    Open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00AM-13:00PM / Free admission
    Lykourgos Castle in Pythagorio, Samos - The castle of
    Lykourgos Logothetis is next to the Church of “Metamorphosis”
    (Transfiguration of Jesus Christ). It was built at the beginning of
    the 19th century, when it became a jumping-off point of resistance
    and attack for the fighters of the Greek Revolution. The castle
    was 400 meters long and it supported the defense of the island
    against the Ottoman navy. Today inside the castle, there is an
    impressive gallery. After the great victory of Mikali on August 6th,
    1924, the leader of the revolution in Samos, Lykourgos
    Logothetis, decided to build the Church of Metamorphosis, as
    gratitude of the victory against the Turks. Every year on August
    5th and 6th the celebration of the Metamorphosis and the
    celebration of a National Samos Independence Day take place in
    Pythagorio. It is a religious and a national holiday and many
    festivities are held in the Port of Pythagorio.

    Pythagoras Statue - There is a bronze statue of Pythagoras,
    philosopher, musician, and mathematician, at the end of the pier in
    the Port of Pythagorio, that reaches upwards to complete the
    triangle of his theorem.

    Samos Island, Greece Culture

    If you love fine arts, museums, rich
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                                                           SAMOS CULTURE
    Samos, Greece is your travel destination, if you enjoy arts and rich culture; In the Island of
    Samos you can visit many ......
  • Exceptional Museums
  • Archaeological sites
  • Cathedrals, Monasteries, and Castles
Above views of Samos ceramics, Pythagorio
Museums & Archaeological Sites in Samos Island
Below views of Holy Church of Metamorposis & Icons
Above Pythagorio, Samos
Below views of the Lykourgos Castle, Pythagorio, Samos
Views of Pythagorio, Samos below

    Samos is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.

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