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    Agios Konstantinos - is a coastal village which is located in the north coast of the island and west of
    Avlakia. The village of Agios Konstantinos is popular with tourists because it is very beautiful with a lot
    of vegetation, nice stone built houses, an excellent bakery-sweets (zaharoplastio), and a couple of good
    tavernas. The village has also some hotel accommodations.
    Avlakia -  is a coastal village between Agios Konstantinos and Kokkari. Avlakia has a small beach and a
    couple of good tavernas.
                                                Discover Samos Monasteries
    Agia Zoni
    It was built in 1695. It is located at Vlamari, close to the City of Samos. There are beautiful wall
    paintings and the temple shaped like a basilica with a dome.

    Panagia Vrondiani
    It was built in 1566 and is the oldest Monastery on the island. It is located close to the Village of

    Zoodohos Pigi
    The Monastery is near the Village of Mytilini - Hora and it was built in 1824.

    Profiti Ilias
    The Monastery was built in 1625 and is located close to Karlovassi town. You can see many beautiful
    wall paintings of Byzantine Art.

    Saint John the Theologian
    The Monastery was built in 1823 and is located near Paleo Karlovassi.
                                                            Greek festivals (Panigiria)

    During the summer months there are many festivals in the small village churches celebrating Holy Days.
    Traditionally, each festival starts from the evening before and goes on to the next day.

    Evening before & August 6th is celebrated in Pythagorio.
    Evening before & August 15th is celebrated in Karlovassi and Platanos.
    Evening before & August 29th is celebrated in Leka.

    During the summer months there are other cultural events & festivities that take place in Samos.
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                                                           SAMOS ISLAND WINE FESTIVAL
    The Samos wine festival takes place every summer in Samos Island, mostly in Samos Town
    (Vathi) & Kokkari area, where you can taste a variety of local Samos wines (famous Samos
    Muscat wine).

    The 2011 festivities of the wine festival in Samos Town begin on Wednesday August 17 and end
    Saturday August 20, 2011.

    Also in 2011, the wine festival will take place in Marathokambos Bay on Friday August 12, 2011
    at 9:00 PM.

Pomegranate Tree (Rodia)
Olive Tree (Elia)
Fig Tree (Sikia)
    Kokkari- The village of Kokkari is a major tourist resort in the north coast of Samos, west of the city of
    Samos. For more details go to Samos Towns & Resorts.
    Ampelos - Village is on the north side of Karvounis mountain inland of Agios Konstantinos with
    spectacular views of the Aegean sea. You can taste the local Samos wine at the village cafe (kafenio).
    Vourliotes- Vourliotes is a picturesque village with magnificent views of the Aegean sea, inland of
    Kokkari. The village is famous for its wine and is located at the North side of Karvounis mountain.
    Manolates - Village is famous for its wine is west of Vourliotes with good walking trails from
    Kokkari/Vourliotes. See Manolates travel information, photos & more.
    Kambos - Kambos is very close to Avlakia in the north coast of Samos.
    Pythagorio - is a major tourist resort and is located in the south coast of the Island of Samos close to the
    City of Samos. For more information go to Samos Towns & Resorts.
    Ireon - is a coastal village in the south coast of the island and is very popular with tourists. It has great
    waterfront tavernas, a nice beach, and hotel accommodations. It is very close to the airport, West of
    Pythagorio and near the ruins of the Temple of Hera.
    Marathokambos - is a large village on the south side of the island with great views of the Aegean Sea
    and near by Votsalakia Beach.
    Drakei - is a small village on the South West side of the island with great views of the sea.
    Platanos - is a mountain village close to Karlovassi town. Platanos village has a festival on August 15 to
    celebrate the Assumption of Virgin Mary.
    Leka - village is located outside of  Karlovassi town and on a hill top you will find a beautiful church,
    Agios Ioannis. The village celebrates with festivities on August 29. The village square (platea) has a few
    cafes (kafenia) with spectacular views of Karlovassi town and the Aegean sea.
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    Samos is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Samos and nearby Greek islands off the beaten path,
    where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine with the warm
    hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy the Greek Island culture !!!
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Kokkari Village, Samos Island, Greece

    Travel guide to Samos, Greece &
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    Samos Island is the right spot for relaxing,
    unwinding, and enjoying the taste of Greek island
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