Samos Old Town (Ano Vathi), Samos Greece Photos

Ano Vathi, Samos Island, Greece,
a picturesque Old
Town, offers charm, breathtaking views of Samos
Town natural harbour,  winding alleyway terraced
streets, Venetian style houses, & old time tavernas.

Ano Vathi is your picture perfect gateway during your
visit to Samos Island.
Ano Vathi or Pano Vathi, Samos Old Town Photos
Traditional stone houses & alleyway cobblestone streets Pictures
Charming old houses & cafés in Ano Vathi, Samos Island
Photos of Ano Vathi traditional houses hanging off the cliff with magnificent views of Samos Town harbour
It's easy to get lost in the narrow alleyway streets of Ano Vathi - Samos Old Town below
Breath taking views above of Samos Old Town &
Samos Town natural harbour port
Pictures of winding alleyway cobblestone streets in Samos Old Town - Ano Vathi (locals also call Pano Vathi)


    Samos Old Town (Ano Vathi), Samos Island is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.

    This is your best travel guide to charming Samos Old Town (Ano Vathi), Samos Island, Greece, where you can enjoy panoramic
    views of Samos Town harbour, strolling through the narrow alleyway cobblestone streets, old Venetian style houses, traditional
    tavernas & cafés. Enjoy Samos Old Town Greek Island culture !!!
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Views above of traditional taverna in Samos Old Town - Ano Vathi
Panoramic image of Samos Old Town - Ano Vathi
Photo of Samos Town natural harbour - Costa Atlantica cruiseship
Views from Samos Old Town also known as Ano Vathi or Pano Vathi
Photos of Samos Old Town old stone houses, Samos   Island
Charming picture perfect Samos Old Town is built like an amphitheater around Samos Town natural harbour. It's a
short walk up the hill from Samos Port with its terraced narrow alleyway streets, traditional old houses, authentic
tavernas & cafés. Visiting Ano Vathi  will enchant you and you will be amazed with its panoramic amazing views of
Samos Town & harbour. If you can not walk up the hill you can take a taxi to certain areas of Ano Vathi. Enjoy the
pictures below!