Greek Island Shopping

Samos, Greece with its picture perfect towns &
quaint villages is your Greek Island shopping

Samos Island offers charm, magnificent views,
sunny beaches, crystal clear blue water, night life
& great shopping.
shopping destination in Greece for jewelry, pottery, artworks & crafts, nick knocks, souvenirs, & beachwear. Jewelry shops
are the best choices in the Greek islands. Greek Jewelry is known for craftsmanship & classic designs. Samos also is well
known for its ceramic shops which are locally crafted. You will find many ceramic shops in the quaint village of
Manolates &
Kokkari resort. Manolates Village is also well known for its artwork shops, handmade jewelry, craft shops, and local wines. In
the Island of Samos you will be able to shop for its locally produced wines, ouzo, olive oil, olive soap, spices (oregano & bay
leaves) and local honey.
Village of Manolates shops below
Samos Island shops below
Kokkari, Pythagorio, & Vathi Town touristy shops

    Samos, Greece has great shopping & is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the Greek Island

    This is your best travel guide to great shopping during your holidays in the beautiful island of Samos. Greek
    Island shops are colorful & unique. Enjoy the Greek Island culture!!!
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"Lapislazuli" jewelry shop in Kokkari, Samos below has beautiful designer
lupus stone jewelry & is one of my favorite jewelry shops in the Island.
Fine jewelry shops in Pythagorio Town below
Samos Town (Vathi) market - Hotel Search Engine
moderation. If the cup is filled up to a certain level (line inside the cup) the drinker can enjoy its
wine in peace. If the cup is filled above the line the cup spills its entire contents. The
Pythagoras, mathematician & inventor, in the 6th century BC, wanted to teach his students the
necessity of complying moderation in their lives. The pottery cup, which looks normal from
outside, also called the greedy cup spills its entire content if you're too greedy. The Pythagoras
cup is produced and sold at the pottery shops in Samos as a Greek handmade souvenir. See the
greedy cup left, at the art & craft pottery shop in Samos Island. Samos is the
Pythagoras Island.
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