Pythagorio Resort
                                                            Views of Pythagorio below

    Pythagorio (Pythagorion), Samos, Greece
    Cobble-paved Pythagorio on the southeast coast of the island is rather upscale. Beautiful red hibiscus and
    pink oleanders line the streets. Pythagorio is a popular resort set in a circular harbour. Colourful fishing
    boats and expensive yachts are moored at its edge. Many of the ancient sites on Samos are accessible
    from Pythagorio. Boats from Patmos and other points south, all dock there. Pythagorio holidays offer a
    great nightlife with a couple of discos along with plenty of pubs and bars. Combined with plenty of
    restaurants, tavernas and internet cafes, you can be sure your holidays in Pythagorio will be both relaxing
    and fun with plenty of things to do. Pythagorio is a hotspot for the best night life in Samos for all tastes.
    For those who love a lively evening, walk to the cosmopolitan Pythagorio to the old harbour full of yachts.
    You will find the imprints of ancient civilization and modern culture here. Pythagorion is a World Heritage
    site protected by UNESCO.
     Sites to explore in Pythagorio are ….
    Church of Metamorphosis, Castle of Likourgos, Statue of Pythagoras, Efpalinion Tunnel, Moni Spiliani &
    Cave, the graphic beautiful harbor and the Roman baths, combined with endless beaches, the marina with
    exotic yachts, the fishing boats make this town a delightful and ideal resort to spend your holidays.  
    Pythagorio is the best choice for your vacation in the Greek islands. Pythagorio is the town where
    Pythagoras the mathematician was born. See more Pythagorio Samos Photos.
    The Proteus Bay Hotel was built in the remains of old Samos, Pythagorio. Doryssa Seaside Bay Hotel and
    Village is located in Pythagorio beach near Potokaki beach, 1km from Pythagorio harbor.

                                         Views of Samos Town (Vathi) Resort below

    Samos Town (Vathi), Samos, Greece
    Samos Town is the capital of Samos and is situated in the eastern part of the island. Samos Town is built
    around a horse shoe-shaped bay. The old town, Ano Vathi is built like an amphitheater around the natural
    harbour of the main port of the island. Start your tour of Samos in the narrow streets boasting neoclassical
    buildings, an archaeological museum, and shops filled with authentic crafts and fine jewelry. Relax in the
    authentic waterfront tavernas and cafés (kafenion) all around the bay. In the exceptional Archaeological
    Museum you will find the largest surviving example of kouros sculpture. The traditional old town, Ano
    Vathi, will enchant you with its terraced streets, Venetian style mansions and old time tavernas.

    There are many comfortable hotels in the city to stay and enjoy this vibrant city and nightlife. The Samos
    Hotel is located at the seaside road of Samos Town on the port. The Internet café is adjacent to the hotel
    and you can spend your afternoon there and stay connected with friends and family. Ionia Hotel is located
    at Gagou beach, which is the only beach inside Samos Town. Up the hill is a mom and pop small hotel,
    Pythagoras, for budget oriented travelers. There are also many beautiful beaches outside Vathi, Psili
    Amos, Posidonion, and Balos to enjoy.  The City of Samos is also located very close to the airport and
    the Kokkari and Pythagorio resorts.
    From the Samos Town Port you could take day trips to the ancient city of Ephesus or visit the bazaar at
    near by Kusadasi, Turkey. More of Samos Old Town - Ano Vathi photos & Samos Town photos.
                                                             Kokkari Resort
                                             Views of Kokkari Village below

    Kokkari, Samos, Greece
    Kokkari Village is built around a picturesque bay, which is now one of the three top resorts to visit in
    Samos. Kokkari with its trendy bars and clubs also offers a great nightlife for the younger crowd. The
    local beach is also great for wind surfing. The village has a pleasant pebble beach and many restaurants,
    super markets and tourist shops. Because the village lies on the north side of the island there is however
    often some wind, and for this reason it is also popular with the windsurfers. On the beach of Kokkari
    there are quite a few number of tavernas and also a couple of internet cafes. In the neighbourhood of
    Kokkari there are several other smaller beaches. In Kokkari there is everything that a tourist could want
    including car rentals and ATM's. The church in Kokkari glitters with icons and neoclassical decorative
    altars. The steep wooded hills behind Kokkari have some of the most attractive landscapes on Samos.
    Inland,  traditional Greek villages (Vourliotes & Manolates) can be found, with many splendid walking
    trails. Outside the resort of Kokkari you will find the famous Lemonakia and Tsamadou Beaches which
    offer the most amazing crystal clear water and surrounding mountain views. Both beaches have tavernas
    on site and are equipped with umbrellas and sun beds. Kokkari Samos Photos                                    
                                       Views of Lemonakia & Tsamadou Beaches below
Karlovassi Town
Views of Karlovassi below                                                                     Views of Doryssa Resort above
    Karlovassi, Samos, Greece
    Karlovassi is the second largest town on the Island of Samos. Karlovassi is divided into five sections:
    New (Neo Karlovassi), Middle (Meseo Karlovassi), Old (Paleo), the Bay (Riva), and the Port (Limani).
    Karlovassi Town is far more peaceful and a good base for exploring the fine beaches along this part of
    the coast.
    In the west is the Port of Karlovassi and here you will find most of the hotels, waterfront restaurants,
    cafes, tavernas, bars and nightclubs. Behind the port lies a wooded hill with a striking church, Agia
    Triada. This part is the old Karlovassi, a picture postcard town, topped by a hilltop church, with authentic
    small old Greek houses around a wooded valley, offers the most magnificent view. To the east of the
    port is Meseo Karlovassi with beautiful modern houses, old neoclassical mansions, redeemed in part by a
    fine attractive main square with some great restaurants beneath the shady trees. The new part of town,
    Neo Karlovassi, is located to the east and is the most vibrant part of the town where the majority of
    shops, Internet cafes, and health club facilities (gyms) can be found. Karlovassi once was a significant
    commercial and industrial leather processing center, with a large volume of exports and much wealth.
    The many  mansions, the large and richly decorated churches and abandoned tanneries attest to the city's
    former prosperity.
    The Mathematical School of the University of the Aegean is located in a unique neoclassical building in
    Karlovassi Town. Karlovassi now has trendy bars, and a lively nightlife. More Karlovassi Samos photos


    Samos is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Samos, Greece and nearby Greek islands off the beaten
    path, where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine with the warm
    hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy the Greek Island culture !!! See best Greek islands itinerary  
Samos Town, Samos Island, Greece
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