Santorini Island, Greece

    Santorini Greece is your top honeymoon & magical
    Greek island holiday destination.

    Santorini offers stunning scenery, dramatic landscape,
    amazing sunsets, & romantic summers under the sun.

    Why Santorini Island is a must see for everyone, at least once in their lifetime?
    Because of the …
  • Amazing views of the Santorini

  • Multi-colored beaches (red and

  • Spectacular sun sets

  • Romantic summers under the sun

  • Rugged volcanic landscape

  • Cliff top restaurants and cafés, and

  • Stunning scenery of whitewashed
    houses & blue domed churches at
    the edge of the cliff

    Santorini Island is the Aegean Sea’s sparkling gem and the most romantic island in the world.
    Santorini, Greece is a volcanic island in the south Aegean Sea and is part of the Cyclades group of
    islands. Santorini Island is the world’s largest Caldera and has a fascinating landscape, with
    whitewashed houses built at the edge of a cliff, which is ideal for romantic summers under the sun.
    Santorini Greece is a must see once in a lifetime by everyone, because there is no other beautiful
    place in the world, like Santorini Island. Santorini, Greece is the world's top island, ranked # 1
    island in 2011, by Travel + Leisure Magazine.  Santorini Island is the most romantic island in the
    world and the best honeymoon destination. Santorini is a magical Greek island holiday destination,
    romantic, beautiful, and ideal for wedding ceremonies, anniversaries ….

    Santorini (Thera), Greece is a small cluster of volcanic islands. A volcanic eruption around 1650 B.
    C. forced the center of what was then a single island, called Strongyli, and destroyed the island
    which left behind the famous dramatic landscapes of Santorini. Today, Santorini consists of two
    inhabited islands and several islets. In 1956 an earthquake destroyed a considerable part of
    Santorini’s towns; however the houses and buildings were rebuilt and survive today.

    Based on the excavations at Akrotiri Village, in Santorini Island, many scholars believe that the
    lost city of Atlantis was none other than Santorini. According to legend, the lost city of Atlantis
    was a prosperous marine civilization that sunk into the bottom of the sea.

                                           Santorini Island Top Attractions

    Santorini Caldera/Fira Town
    The crescent shaped Santorini Island is famous for its Caldera, the world’s largest Caldera. The
    harbor (lagoon) surrounding Santorini is actually the volcanic crater (Caldera), created around
    3,600 years ago by a massive eruption of the Santorini (Thera) Volcano. Santorini Island, Greece
    is the site of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions the earth has ever seen. The remnant of volcanic
    activity, on the cliffs of the Caldera, is a geological natural wonder.
    The Caldera is miles across, lined by cliffs reaching heights of more than a thousand feet (more
    than 300 meters) above sea-level. Those cliffs continue down below the water another thousand
    feet (300 meters), making the Caldera an ideal harbor. Santorini Caldera, consists of Santorini
    (Thera), the main island, Therasia, and Aspronisi at the periphery of the Caldera, and the Nea
    Kameni island, Palia Kameni island in the center.

    Fira Town
    Fira Town is Santorini’s capital, located at the edge of a cliff, on the volcanic rocks of Santorini
    Island, with panoramic views of 18 km Caldera. In Fira Town you'll find alley like cobblestone
    streets, whitewashed houses, and blue domed churches, lots of jewelry and craft shops, galleries, a
    small archaeological museum, cliff top restaurants and cafés with terrific views of the blue
    sparkling Aegean Sea below. The wonderful architecture, the deep blue sea, and the volcano
    comprise a unique picture. In Fira Town you can go to the top of the Caldera, where the white-
    washed houses are terraced high above 400 meters (1200 feet) the blue Aegean Sea to view the
    small islands in the background which provide the most unique photo opportunities. Then you can
    take the zigzag path of 600 steps down to the Caldera, the Old Port of Fira. You can choose to
    take either the "teleferic" (cable car) or walk down and on your way back you can take the famous
    and more traditional means of transportation, the donkeys. Fira is a modern town where nightlife
    never stops. There are many popular spots tavernas, restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafés with
    spectacular views to enjoy. There is an Archaeological Museum in Fira Town that houses
    archaeological findings from all over the island. The collection includes red and black geometrical
    vases and marble statues from Ancient Thira, as well as an impressive collection of frescoes and
    Byzantine artwork.


    Oia Village / Sunsets
    Oia Village, which has been named "The Place on Top of the World", lies on the cliffs of the
    volcanic rock, and is located on the northern tip of Santorini Island. Oia a picture perfect village,
    overlooks both inward on to the Caldera and northward onto the Aegean Sea. Oia is a very
    beautiful charming village characterized by its white washed Cave and Captain architectural style
    houses, blue domed churches, and its magnificent views of the Caldera. In Old Oia Village, the
    Cave houses belonged to the sailors and the Captain houses belonged to the ship owners. Oia,
    Santorini with the multi colors of deep blue sea, the whitewashed houses on the volcanic cliffs of
    the Caldera, alleyway cobblestone streets, and the blue domed churches has inspired many artists
    and visitors. Oia, Santorini is one of the most photographed places in the world. Oia Village is a
    Word Heritage Village protected by UNESCO, due to its traditional architecture that dates back to
    the past centuries. The 1982 movie, Summer Lovers, was filmed mostly here, in Oia, Santorini,

    Santorini Island is famous for its magnificent sunset, which is considered the best sunset in Greece.
    Oia Village is the best place to watch the Santorini sunset with the most magnificent views of
    the Caldera, the nearby island of Thirasia, and almost the entire island of Santorini, Greece. If
    you're interested in learning about Santorini's marine history, you can visit the Thira Marine
    Museum in Oia. The museum is small, that has exhibits of the nautical history using model ships
    and antique navigational equipment. Oia Village has a similar landscape as Fira Town and is
    located 11 km from Fira. You can take public transportation, bus,  from Fira to Oia, Santorini,
    which runs quite often during the summer touristy season. From Oia you can go down 300 steps to
    Ammoudi Port and Armenis Beach.

    Volcano / Nea Kameni & Palia Kameni
    One thing you must do, during your Santorini trip, is to take the Volcano & hot springs boat
    excursion. You can visit the deserted volcanic islands of Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni, the two
    islands, in the center of the Caldera. You will be given the chance to see the Santorini Volcano
    from up close in the island of Nea Kameni. A steep walk of around 150 meters will take you to the
    rim of the crater on the island of Nea Kameni, featuring many amazing lava formations and
    fantastic views of Santorini’s cliff top villages. You will need good walking shoes to walk up to the
    Volcano. In the island of Palia Kameni which is known for its stunning hot springs, the water is
    said to have healing properties; you will have the chance to jump off the boat and swim into the
    warm waters of the hot springs. There are boat trips twice a day that you can take from the port of
    Athinios, which is about 5 km from Fira Town. The tour provides bus transportation from Fira
    Town to the Athinios Port.

    Views below of Palia Kameni hot springs               Santorini Volcano - Nea Kameni

    Ancient Akrotiri / Red Beach
    Akrotiri Village is located 15 km from Fira Town, at the southwestern part of the island, and has a
    population of about 450 people. There is public transportation, bus, from Fira to the village.
    Akrotiri lighthouse is a great place to visit during sunset to watch the spectacular colors, as the sun
    dives into the sea.
    Akrotiri is famous for the Ancient City of Akrotiri that was brought to light by excavations. The
    Ancient City of Akrotiri is a fascinating Archaeological site that was first discovered in 1967, but its
    buildings date back to the 16th century BC. This former Minoan outpost was destroyed by a
    volcanic eruption, but due to years of excavation, enough of the site has been uncovered to allow
    visitors to explore. Ancient Akrotiri is buried under the lava rocks which consists of two and three
    story buildings, city squares, shops, workshops, and homes decorated with prehistoric frescoes,
    and pottery.
    Near Akrotiri there is a beautiful beach, the Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia). In Red Beach you can
    enjoy the view of red lava cliffs that drop down to the clear blue sea, which is really a majestic
    setting. The Red Beach is excellent for snorkeling and swimming. It’s an organized beach with sun
    beds, umbrellas, and a few tavernas and snack bars.

    Santorini Beaches
    Santorini beaches are simply unique because of the volcanic properties in the island. The most
    popular beaches are those with colorful sand, such as the black beach in Kamari, and Perissa, as
    well as the Red Beach near Akrotiri above.

    Perissa Beach
    Perissa Beach is located at the southeastern coast of Santorini Island, which is the most popular
    beach in the island. Perissa Beach is a unique black lava sandy beach with clear deep blue sea.
    Perissa Beach is a blue flag beach for its crystal clear water. There are many waterfront tavernas,
    hotels, and cafes. Perissa Beach is a very impressive beach, due to its unique combination of
    Profitis Ilias Mountain that lies right next to the beach, which is also protected from the high winds
    (meltemia) from the North. The beach is well connected by bus from Fira Town.

    Kamari Beach
    Kamari Beach is a cosmopolitan beach resort, which is located at the southeastern part of
    Santorini Island, with beautiful black sandy beach that stretches for five miles in length. Kamari
    Beach with a backdrop of the magnificent cliffs of Messa Vouno towering above is the most
    picturesque beach on Santorini Island. Kamari Beach is a blue flag beach for environmentally
    crystal clear sea.  On the beachfront you can find hotels, restaurants, tavernas, bars and many
    shops. Kamari is an organized beach with umbrellas, sun beds, and water sports. Kamari Beach is
    an ideal beach for swimming and snorkeling.
    Kamari has a magnificent Church of Panaghia Episkopi, and every year on August 15 a local
    festival (Panigiri) takes place in honor of the Virgin Mary. Kamari is very well connected by bus
    with Fira Town and other villages.

    Wine Tasting / Santorini Cuisine
    Santorini is considered to be a gastronomical destination with some of the finest restaurants and
    wineries throughout Greece. The fertile volcanic earth of Santorini Island produces great grapes for
    making an excellent quality wine, as well as the best tasting vegetables like “fava” beans (split pea)
    and cherry-tomatoes. All vegetables in Santorini are locally produced and the volcanic soil gives
    them an incredible taste. You will find in Pyrgos Village wineries to go and taste the Santorini’s
    worldwide famous wines of “Vinsanto” and “Nikteri”. There are wine tasting tours that you can
    take from Fira Town to wineries so you can discover the great flavors of Santorini wines. Also,
    the island has many tavernas and restaurants that serve local delicacies and the famous Santorini
    wines. Santorini Cuisine & Wine tasting is a unique culinary experience. Enjoy!

    Santorini, Greece is among "Top 43 Must See Places" in the world, according to Smithsonian
    magazine. Santorini is one of the most popular cruise & holiday destinations in the world.

    Santorini is # 1 of the "World's Best islands" published by at November 30, 2011.

    The romantic aura of Santorini Island has inspired many Hollywood stars to spent their summer
    holidays under the Greek sun. Famous couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt own a vacation home in
    traditional Santorini blue and white colors with views of the Caldera, somewhere on the road
    between Fira and Oia Village.                           


                           WELCOME TO THE GREEK ISLAND OF SANTORINI !

    Santorini Island, Greece is the Aegean's sparkling gem, ideal for romantic summer holidays
    under the sun. See best itinerary recommendations.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Santorini, where you can enjoy the crystal clear
    Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine and the warm hospitality of the friendly people.
    Enjoy Santorini's cuisine & famous wines !!!
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