Travel Guide to Greece, Greek Islands & Samos.

    Samos & the Greek Islands off the beaten path is
    the right spot for relaxing, unwinding, and
    enjoying the taste of Greek Island lifestyle.
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    Wouldn't you love to take a summer vacation on a Greek Island?
    This is your travel guide to Greece, Greek Island of Samos (Samo) and nearby Greek islands, where
    you can find hotels, flights, ferry-boats for your holidays and enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea
    under an unforgettable sunshine with the warm hospitality of friendly people.

    My travel guides will show you ....

  •        When to go

  •        How to get there

  •     How to plan your trip, and

  •     Where to stay

    The Best Time to Travel to the Greek Islands
    The best time to travel to the Greek islands is from May through October. An outstanding feature of
    the Greek island climate is that you'll be able to enjoy long hours of sunshine. The Greek islands
    have hot dry summers that are cooled by a system of breezes known as "meltemia". July and August
    are the most popular vacation months with temperatures ranging between 30-35C ( 87-95F). Peak
    season is during the month of August which is fun, busy but also more expensive. If you like cooler
    temperatures, the months of September or October are probably best for you. The beauty about
    traveling to the Greek islands off the beaten path during peak season, is that you are not encumbered
    with crowds of tourists, so you'll be able to relax and enjoy the magnificent sunsets, and endless blue

    Getting to Greece and the Greek Islands
    First of all, if you're traveling to Greece from any country outside the European countries you need a
    passport. If you are traveling from USA, there are direct flights to Athens Greece from major US
    airports (New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Newark, NJ) or you could travel with connecting flights
    through European cities (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome). Delta is the major airline that has direct
    flights from New York (JFK) and Atlanta to Athens. Also Continental and US Air have direct flights
    to Athens, Greece. As of June 24, 2011 there are direct flights from JFK to Athens four times a
    week with Atlantic Imperial Airways. The tickets are cheaper than regularly scheduled flights. The
    advantage of taking a direct flight from US to Athens is that you will get there in the morning and
    you have all day to make your connecting flight to the Greek Island of Samos or any other islands.
    If you are traveling from Europe, during the tourist season, you can take a charter flight directly to
    the Island of Samos from England, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Check Republic, Slovakia, Belgium,
    Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Switzerland.

    Travel by air to the Greek Islands
    There are two major airlines in Greece that you could make your connection from the Athens Airport
    to Samos or any of the Greek Islands (Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines). Both airlines have direct
    flights to Samos. During the peak season each airline has about 4 flights daily from Athens to Samos.
    Also, from Samos International Airport there are 2-3 weekly flights with Thessaloniki, Cyprus,
    Rhodes, Crete, Lesbos and Limnos.

    Travel by ship to the Greek Islands
    You can get to Samos and any of the Greek Islands by a ferry-boat from the Port of Piraeus. You
    can get from the Athens Airport to the Port of Piraeus by a taxi, bus, or rail.
    There are two ferry-boats daily from Piraeus to Samos during the summer. The best one is "Nisos
    Mykonos" that departs Piraeus around 6:00 PM. The trip is approximately six hours, depending on
    the number of island stops.
    Samos has two major ports (Karlovassi & Vathi) which are connected daily with the ports of Ikaria,
    Cyclades Islands, North Aegean Islands, and Dodecanese group of islands with conventional or the
    more modern luxury power ships. Furthermore, Samos is connected daily with Kusadasi, Turkey
    during the summertime.

    Getting around on the Island of Samos
    Samos has a good bus transportation system, buses are on schedule and will take you to almost
    every town and main attraction on the island. You can view a schedule at the bus station in Samos
    town main seashore street (West of Pythagoras square) or at the bus station in Karlovassi, in front of
    the Aegean University of Mathematics. The Samos Airport is located near Ireon Village on the south
    side of the island and taxis wait outside to take you to your destination (Samos town taxi Tel: +30
    22730 28404). Also, you could rent a car at the airport or at any resort town or explore this great
    island on your own.

    How long to stay in Samos
    Samos is a big island that offers many activities, adventures and sightseeing and you could spent the
    entire summer in Samos or just two weeks depending on your travel timetable. If you're traveling
    from overseas, I recommend that you take at least two weeks to visit Samos or any of the Greek
    Islands off the beaten path. Planning your trip is fun; just browse through my website  and   please
    e-mail me with your comments or questions.

    Where to stay?

    There are many hotels to choose from & make your Samos holidays comfortable ...
                                             Samos, Greece Hotels

    Samos Town (Vathi), Samos, Greece Hotels/15km from the airport
    Samos Hotel (**) in the port of Samos Town (Vathi).
    Ionia MarisHotel (**** ) in Kalami.
    Gagou Beach Hotel (***) in Gagou Beach (Vathi).
    Artemis Hotel (****) in Vathi.
    Medoussa Hotel (*) in Vathi.
    Karvelli luxury Villas (****) is located at the eastern most end of Samos.

    Pythagorio, Samos, Greece Hotels/3km from the airport
    Doryssa Bay Hotel (*****) in the outskirts of Pythagorio, close to Potokaki Beach.
    Proteas Bay Hotel (*****) in Pythagorio.
    Santa Catharina (****) in Pythagorio on a hill overlooking the marina.
    Astra Village (**) in Pythagorio on a hill close to square.
    Apollon Hotel (**)

    Kokkari, Samos, Greece Hotels/24kn from the airport
    Kokkari Beach Hotel in Kokkari.
    Kalidon Palace Hotel (***) in Kokkari.
    Arion Hotel (****) with views of Tsamadou & Lemonakia Beaches (near Kokkari).
    Armonia Bay Hotel (***) in Tsamadou Beach (Outskirts of Kokkari).
    Olympia Beach Hotel (**) in Kokkari Beach.

    Karlovassi, Samos, Greece/35km from the airport
    Samena Port (***) in Limani (Port of Karlovassi).
    Samena Bay (***) in Limani Karlovassi.
    Merope Hotel (***) in Neo Karlovassi
    Anema (**) in the Port of Karlovassi (Limani) - Beautiful island style studios & apartments family
    owned & operated.
    Astir Hotel (*) in Meseo Karlovassi.
    Erato Hotel (**)
    Hesperia Hotel (**)

    Marathokambos/Votsalakia, Samos, Greece Hotels /30km from the airport
    Limionas Bay Hotel (***) in Limiona Beach.
    Kerkis Bay Hotel (***) in Ormos Marathokambos.
    Thalina Hotel (***) in Kambos Marathokambos.

    Ireon or Hereon, Samos, Greece Hotels/1km from the airport
    Akti Ireou Hotel (**) in Ireon.
    Anatoli Hotel (**) in Ireon.
    Pharos Hotel (*) in Ireon.
    Cohyli Hotel (*) in Ireon.

    Agios Konstantinos, Samos, Greece Hotels/30km from the airport
    Daphne Hotel (***) in Platanakia at the entrance of the Nightingale Valley.
    Agios Konstantinos Hotel (**) in Agios Konstantinos coastal village. See also Manolates Village.

                                                         WELCOME TO GREECE TRAVEL GUIDES !

    Samos is the right spot for relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the taste of Greek Island
    lifestyle. See best Greek islands itinerary recommendations.

    This is your travel guide to the Greek Island of Samos and nearby Greek islands off the beaten path,
    where you can enjoy the crystal clear Aegean Sea under an unforgettable sunshine with the warm
    hospitality of the friendly people. Enjoy the Greek Island culture !!!
Karlovassi Port, Samos Island, Greece
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