Visit Greece in 2015

Greece has made a strong come back in international tourism last year. Tourism in 2014 reached 22 million an increase of 23% from 2013.

Greek tourism in 2015 is expected to remain strong and according to the “Greek National Tourism Organization” bookings are up slightly compared to the same time last year. International tourism is unaffected by the financial crisis publicity and new policies of the new government. Greece has been a top tourist destination due to the wealth of cultural and natural attractions and the new government wants to make Greece a top vacation destination and even a place for second home. Greece made many improvements in the quality of its products and services and competitiveness of its prices. Visiting Greece in 2015 means cheaper prices due to the euro devaluation and fall of oil prices. The number of tourist arrivals from the US is expected to increase this summer due to the stronger dollar.

Visit Greece in 2015 and enjoy an unforgettable sunshine along with cheaper prices. Find more travel information about Greece and the Greek islands below.

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